CMA 2000 srl  
Double Automatic Slot-Cutting Machine For Doors


This is a Double Automatic Slot-Cutting Machine for making louvered doors for wardrobe and kitchen shutters for good ventilation. The machine is extremely sturdy machine with minimum encumbrance and grooving-machine-1with fast and easy maintenance. It executes work cycle on two window posts simultaneously for mirror image slot grooving. The distance between beginning and end of work cycle is adjustable. The machine is provided with Mushroom shaped push-button for emergency stopping and also a forward speed push-button for automatic work cycle  andAutomatic  STOP at end of work cycle.




Door Production Systems


Essepigidesign produces and sell machines and plants controller by PC for the machining of wooden profiles and panels. By buying an Essepigi product the customer benefits of the long experience acquired working with hundreds of customers all over the world.The high quality of the finished product and the production flexibility are the key principles of each Essepigi creation. Our attention to the customer is manifested both in counseling to identify the right solution in the investment, and in great after-sales service.


Essepigi continuously invests in search of original and innovative solutions to provide competitive advantages for its customers. Some important intuitions have become European patent reference for the sector.Our story begins in 1973, when the company EssepigiS.r.l. was established, founded as the conversion of an existing company already active since in 60s in the production of double cutting-off machines.By exploiting this wealth of experience, since 1974 Essepigi also began the production of special combined machines for cutting and drilling, a world exclusive in this area. Essepigi production is focused on machinery door market.



Timber Drying Kilns


INCOMAC has been founded in 1975. Throughout the following years there has been a continuous and extraordinary technological progress. The first Incomac computer was in 1988.


Despite events like the knocking down of the Twin Towers in 2001 and the Bank’s Crisis in 2008, there has been a great scientific and technical progress.The communication systems have been revolutionized by use of the internet and mobile phones. INCOMAC start production in their first premises.They have now manufactured over 10.000 drying kilns, which have been installed in 95 different Countries.


In addition, 22 Schools and Research Centers have been supplied special driers for use in their laboratories.
INCOMAC has also produced Steaming chambers, drying kilns with direct heating using gas or diesel oil and recently, kilns for the thermal treatment of pallets and wood packaging.


In Condensation drying kilns the drying is made in a closed circuit, without exchanges with the outside of the kiln.The heat pump first warms the air, and then cools it, thereby condensing the moisture. This system is recommended for hard and semi-hard woods of high quality. Also when only electricity is available.



ipe-oil-1-1Ipe Oil
Oil for Hardwood Deck Finishing


When you want your hardwood deck to last and maintain its natural beauty, be sure to use lpe Oil™ Works great on a variety of hardwoods such as lpe, Cumaru, Garapa, Tigerwood, Massaranduba, and more.
Ipe Oil™ Hardwood Deck Finish is an oil-based natural wood finish.

It is specifically formulated to protect and preserve the natural beauty of exterior hardwood decks. IpeOil™ Hardwood Deck Finish provides excellent penetration of even the densest hardwoods with minimal rising of the grain. It protects and conditions the wood while maintaining a completely natural appearance.For exceptional result on Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru and other exotic hardwoods, IpeOil™ is the best solution.



Profile sander for component sanding


The Model 220 Profiles Sander is a two spindle machine designed for use with flexible brush type sanding wheels. The spindles are counter-rotating, allowing corners to be sanded without rounded over, and to sand in two directions. There are two height settings, allowing it to be used for both edge and panel sanding. In the raised position, the table moves toward the spindles, under the panel sanding wheel, providing support for small panels.
The Larick Model 220 features two counter-rotating spindles to be used with brush type sanding wheels. This allows parts to be sanded without noticeable rounding over on corners. The sanding technique is to sand the left corners on the right sander and the right corners on the left sander. This method has the brushed formed to the profile as they go over the corners.


The spindles move up or down together and are controlled by an air valve. Adjustable stops are used for positioning. In addition to the vertical spindle travel, the tabletop also moves back 2” when the spindles are raised. This provides support under the lower sanding head when sanding raised panels.



hinge-grooveMETALSTAR 2000 SRL
Tekno Control


Techno-Control is a Boring and hinge inserting machine with 5 interpolated axes and with brushless motors.The machine is equipped with a vacuum system and a moving table that can turn 0° to 90° for working on 5 sides of the panel.  It can be set up to do all of the following operations like Holes for locks an plates, Drilling for handles and keyholes, Boring for hinges, Drilling and anuba screwing, Boring in the sides with disc  cutterand Other personalization.


The ANUBA INSERTING unit has separate motors for drilling and inserting the anuba hinges.  It has a double magazine with automatic male and female hinge feeder.  The screwing device for double stem anuba hinges is available on request.


The Machine with automatic 6-position tool changeover andBoring – drilling head, with ISO 30 spindle cone. It is also equipped with a commercial PC with color screen 17”, keyboard, mouse, Operating system windows XP Professional Multilanguage, Ethernet Card, Integrated CAD CAM programming System and Preset macro.



Pneumatic Tool


Pneumatic vibrating tool MA-3061 can be used with all kinds of different special sanding pad, suitable for polishing the inner hole.The special design for polishing the inner hole.
The exquisite polishing effects reflect your high requirement of inner-hole polishing.Choose the suitable sanding pads can finish polishing the top, the front and the bottom at the same time.


The Corner SanderSpecialize in polishing inner hole-Suitable for all kinds on inner-hole, can finish polishing the inner hole surface, curve, sharp corner and step surface.The sanding pads that like the curve and camber are suitable for the hollow-carved and carved pattern polishing. It can be adjusted for the free speed according to different work piece can obtain the best polishing effect.For more different specification of the inner hole, customization is available.



polishing-machine-1Vigano Mario
Polishing Machine


The polishing machine BRL 1200 is suitable for polishing of polyester or polyurethane coats and other types of materials, final operation of the high-gloss finishing cycle.


The polishing system by means of orbital-rotating sponge-pads grants a high quality level of the polishing in a shorter working time by using suitable polishing products.


In the basic version the machine has a single working area, while in the double version the machine has two working areas that allows a pendulum-working mode. The Pad-holding group moves with alternate displacement and adjustable speed over a strong table made by electro-welded steel, which grants a great stability.