Griggio has introduced a safe panel saw. The panel saw machine is provided with a safety device able to prevent the worker from any injures that may happen with the saw blade.

“ If the system gets activated, it means that we have saved a hand “

safery-systemThe blade carries a small electrical signal.  When skin contacts the blade, the signal change because the human body is conductive the change of the signal activates the piston with the safety system.  The retraction’s speed of the blade is just 5 milliseconds

The retraction of the blade occurs only with blade in rotation.

Each metallic material or with an excessive moisture content can make the safety system activated. Whenever you fear that the material can make snap the safety system unnecessarily, you can use the machine in the BY-PASS mode, through the voluntarily use of the key. Scoring unit with the “safe system” is available, which use the same principle of the main blade.