Bound: Solid Wood Pendants



Jessica Carnevale

Born out of experiments – splicing, bending, binding, stretching and tensioning various organic materials, ‘Bound’ exclusive lights were created while living in a forest north of San Francisco. Produced with Cherry, Walnut and Maplewood, these lights are fitted with hand blown glass bulbs. The lights are developed in California and assembled in New York.
Carnevale Studio’s designs combine new materials with unusual processes. The Studio – conceived by Jessica Carnevale, a Rhode Island School of Design Graduate, produces furniture, lighting, interiors and accessories, working with manufacturers, interior designers and galleries around the world.


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prod_multimaster_a_03JAKOB LÖWER INH. V. SCHUMANN GMBH & CO. KG
MultiMaster: The Magnificently Modular Linear Sander


With brush sanding, straightforward sanding rollers rarely deliver the best possible sanding results. Löwer, therefore, has come up with a range of new sanding units in a modular machine system – the MultiMaster. Now it is much easier to find the best possible solution for sanding and denibbing profiled parts. You can choose from excentre discs, planetary heads, sanding rollers and contact belts. You select the units that suit your task best. Combine these with the Smart Flex brush sanding system and you have got yourself a winning team with superb sanding results!


minimasterMiniMaster The Simple Solution for Mouldings


If you want to sand simple mouldings, then you should have a look at the Löwer MiniMaster. Competitive in price and high in performance, it comes with 1 to 4 sanding rollers in 150 mm or 300 mm width. One optional feature is the sensor-controlled automatic dipping device which allows the sanding roller to dip down directly over the incoming workpiece edge. MiniMaster comes with benefits like – no sanding through of the primer or breaking of edges and longer abrasive life. Another effective feature (optional) is the feed belt interruption. It allows for a deeper setting of the sanding strip roller. Also there is sufficient pressure for sanding thin pieces – without the abrasives touching the feed belt



evoplat_pdf_stampaGG MACCHINE SRL
EVOPLAT M: Vertical Wrapping
Machine for Doors, Panels and Windows


Established in 1974, GG Macchine is today a leading Italian manufacturer of machines and plants for the packaging with stretch film and/or other types of film made of polyethylene. The latest offering from the company is Evoplat M – a simple, economic and flexible solution to perform efficiently the protection of door panels, windows, furniture and cabinets. The packaging can be done with Pluri-ball + stretch film, FOAM + stretch film or only with the stretch film. With a simple operation, Evoplat M can be converted in a turntable machine and/or be equipped with presser to lock stably the products to be wrapped. The auto-lock base roller conveyor is placed at an ideal height which allows easy passage of the product to the rack. A fully automatic version of the same model is available as EVOPLAT A.


Features of EVOPLAT M:

  • Manually adjustable arm clamp
  • Pneumatically actuated, adjustable lockingclamp
  • Film carriage with mechanical clutch and rack transmission
  • Button keyboard withflexible cable
  • Control panel for automatic model




Lunawood Thermowood clad lobby

Thermowood: Natural Solid Wood for Interior and Exterior Solutions in all Weather Conditions


Thermowood is a beautiful, sustainable wood material produced by using natural methods, heat and steam. Thermowood is dimensionally stable, resistant to decay and non-toxic.Lunawood Thermowood is made to last in high air moisture and heat up to 60°C. Natural wood is thermally modified to be a durable and stable building material in extreme climates from cold to hot.



Private house in Penafiel with Lunawood Thermowood exterior cladding

Lunawood’s thermal modification respects the natural properties of wood. The raw material isprocessed using only heat and steam. Lowered equilibrium moisture content remarkably enhances the wood’s dimensional stability. Thermowood is weather and rot resistant, but also non-toxic and resin tree. The thermal modification makes the northern wood an optimal building material. All of the products can be used indoors or outdoors, in any climate.
Lunawood Thermowood is an outstanding choice for exterior claddings and facades. The product range also provides wide cladding boards produced by utilizing glue lamination technology. Thermowood allows Scandinavian softwood to be successfully used in hot and humid weather conditions.


Lunawood Thermowood solar shades are an ecological way of cooling buildings without consuming extra energy. Solar shade profiles can be used in many ways indoors and outdoors; fences, partitions, effect walls, ceilings etc.
Oy Lunawood Ltd., established in 2000 in Finland, is an innovative pioneer in the thermal modification of wood. It has grown to be the global market leader of thermally modified wood.