LV Technology Spray Solution

spray-gunANEST IWATA’s patented LV (Low volume) Technology is the exciting new technology is a natural evolution in ANEST IWATA’s continuing commitment to providing the best spray solution.
This unique technology creates a double atomization process within the sprayed coatings. LV Technology works by focusing air down the special slits in the fluid nozzle that direct air toward the center of the nozzle orifice. This change in direction also causes the air stream to speed up, meeting the fluid in the center of the tip where a powerful pulverization of the fluid occurs. This pulverization is the pre-atomizing step, which expends the paint stream four to five times that of the fluid opening, and it is now a mixture of air and paint rather than fluid only. This air and paint mixture is much easier for the main atomization to break up, resulting in lower gun operating pressures. The secondary air cap piercings then complete the main atomization.


Bamboo products

img_20180116_162857945_2Founded in 1998, located in the MOSO Bamboo forests country …. Chogyi, Jiangxi Province, China. Precious Bamboo is a company that specializes in Eco-friendly bamboo products manufacturing. Precious Bamboo enjoys deep knowledge of bamboo material, abundant experiences in the usage of bamboo material, along with the professional equally suited for residential, restaurant, hospitality, park and corporate environments and all manner of public spaces. The product range covers high-quality and natural models such as bamboo flooring, bamboo decking, bamboo furniture ( indoor & outdoor ), wall panel and bamboo decorated material.
They are equipped with the modern and precise Homag production line, combined with the traditional craft. We manufacture every product of superb quality within the passed decade. They have acquired ISO9001/14001 standard, CE certification and FSC certification. Their products are exported with Japan F4 star and European E1 even E0 standard.



No-fuss Pocket Screw Joints

img_20180116_105329374_2This is the Quick Way to Join Wood. Pocket screw joints are as sturdy as they are easy to make. You use a drilling jig and stepped bit to bore steeply pitched, counter bored holes in one joint member. Then, drive a couple of self-tapping screws into these holes to draw the joint together. The result is a surprisingly strong, reinforced miter or butt joint that requires no glue. Once the screws are driven home, you’re finished.
Pocket screws are the fastest way anybody knows of to build face frames, and with a little creativity you can use them for most casework joinery- assembling backs to sides, building shelf panels from narrower stock, attaching edge banding or toe kicks, fastening hang strips… the list goes on. Pocket screws are also great for other furniture applications, such as joining legs and aprons, sneaking screws into tight spots or fastening picture frame miters.
It’s not difficult to get started making pocket-hole joints. For example, the ultra-basic pocket-hole jig set shown here comes with everything you need to get started. The jig has hardened steel sleeves to reinforce the drill bit holes and a screw clamp to hold workpieces securely. You also get a stepped drill bit and stop collar, a 6” square drive bit and a handful of pan head screw. In three easy steps, you’ll be a pocket screw convert.



Decoration material

img_20180116_163113442They are located in the Henglin Industrial Zone of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province with covering an area of 68000 square meters (spread on 100 acres) and are having 200 workers. This was established in 2001 and is having export earnings of 15 Million US dollars. Daou Decoration Material Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise, which own R & D, production and sales together. We specialize in producing Laminate Floor and Antistatic floor.
They have four whole automatic flooring production lines of HOMAG and HAOKAI from Germany. Their annual production capacity has reached 10 million square meters. They can produce many kinds of floor with variety of models such as embossed, U-grove, Synchronized, Waterproof, sound -absorbing. Their products are sold to more than 35 countries and regions.
This is ISO9002 and ISO9001 certified company and has obtained the title of National Inspection-free in quantity. They got the title of Export First Class Enterprise.




img_20180116_162629350_2Dollken manufactures aqua stop pen for Perfect joint sealing of edge banding.
The water and moisture in the kitchen and bathroom can no longer damage your wood-composite board as DÖllken AQUA-STOP-PEN that seals joints quickly and reliably. Just apply a thin layer of it and leave to dry for one minute and the joint becomes watertight.
Fine water vapour can cause adhesive joints to swell – board joints in particular provide the largest area for water to penetrate. This is not possible anymore because DÖllken AQUA-STOP-PEN also provides enhanced protection against moisture penetration.
No dirt can get into the joint thanks to the tight seal. The treated surface is therefore easy to clean and aesthetically appealing.



Press plates


kwang-sung-tech-coKwang sung Press Plate specialize in manufacturing of press plates. The Press-Plate is an embossing Press-Plate essential to produce the melamine ( HPL) sheet, which shall be used for wooden furniture, kitchen furniture or interior decoration.  It can create an endlessly changing effect to furniture and interior decoration by making just some change on the surface depending on the kind of emboss.
Only 4 to 5 companies can produce specialized HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Plate in the world, and the company of Kwangsung Press-Plate is counted in among them.  The company has been  developing the most advanced technology for producing a collection of the products of new patters with new technology and is receiving a good response in terms of the prices or quality. Now the company exports more than the 90% of the products to such various regions as China, India and Turkey.



LOWER Mini Master
Simple Solution for sanding


lower-sanding-machineIt you want to sand simple moldings, than you should have a look at the Lower Mini Master. This is competitive in price but high in performance, it comes with 1 to 4 sanding rollers in 150 mm or 300mm width. One optional feature of the machine is the sensor-controlled automatic dipping device that allows the sanding roller to dip down directly over the incoming work piece edge. The Benefits are that no sanding through of the primer or breaking of edges/Longer abrasive life
Another effective feature (also optional) is the feed belt interruption. It allows for a deeper setting of the sanding strip roller. Also there is sufficient pressure for sanding thin pieces –without the abrasives touching the feed belt.
The machine offers smoother work piece transport due to steady conveyor belt feed/Ideal for use in line due to constant height of through feed /Suitable for processing thin workpieces using optional feed belt interruption feature / optional dipping device for perfect incoming / outgoing edges / safe and clean due to complete encasement of machine.



Wood biscuits


img_20180116_162742013_2Morseto has been manufacturing wood biscuits and wood dowel pins since 1979.  From its beginning as a small industry in Thessaloniki to its own facilities in Kalochori, Morseto has delivered quality, competitive pricing, and lightning-quick lead times.  Their facility is fully equipped for special size requests, last-minute orders, and quality assurance, are guaranteed.
They are the first production company of wooden biscuits in Greece. They are also specialized in production of wooden dowels, wooden and aluminum legs for furniture, knobs and generally in furniture accessories and power tools.  Their experience and excellent quality of products have earned the confidence of the customers in domestic and in foreign market as well.



CNC carving to Create any Design


carvewrightThe CarveWright™ Woodworking System was developed by NASA robotics engineers as a simple way for anyone to create complex carvings. From custom signs, detailed reliefs for mantles and cabinetry to sophisticated friezes and extravagant works of art. With this compact machine, you can make furniture to accent your entire house! Wine cabinets, patio chairs, cigar and jewelry boxes, desks, and tables. The list goes on and on with this amazing machine and it’s endless possibilities.
The CarveWright has an onboard computer that makes using the machine quick and easy. Projects created using the CarveWright Project Designer software are saved to a special memory card that slides right into the machine. An onboard LCD display provides step-by-step instruction to move effortlessly through projects as precision sensors automatically measure the workpiece and detect the position of the bit.
The CarveWright has a patented rising head and feed through configuration allowing it to handle work pieces up to 14.5” wide, 5” thick and essentially any length desired while being small enough to fit on a desk!You don’t have to be a master craftsman. Anyone can understand the simple, point-and-click format of the CarveWright Project Designer software. The software has the power of a complex CAD package, but the ease of use of a paint program. It was created to suit any project and any level of expertise.



UV Coating Machinery


img_20180116_162805970_2Osman Machinery Equipment., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrated with design, R & D and manufacture of coating equipment as well as UV equipment and IR ( infrared rays ) equipment. They also produce also compete set of automation equipment and environmental protection equipment.
At present, their product catalog covers dozens of various products which are widely used by many industries, such as plastic spraying, shoe materials, glass ware, adhesives and glues, optical fiber, vacuum plating, UV and water transfer printing and have been favorable received by the clients.
The company is ISO9001:2008 for Quality Management System Certification. The company values integrity, down-to-earth attitude, innovation and development.



Precision Casewerk
It’s About Time … Your Time !


img_20180116_105445772_2Start saving time and eliminate mistakes. This assures perfect hardware alignment every time. Simply position sliding guides along inch / metric scales tighten thumbscrews and drill away!
Today’s cabinetmaker can’t afford wasted labor making jigs or measuring by hand, especially with ever changing hardware sizes. True Position is so versatile that you will never have to make another jig.
TP-1934 is the only fully adjustable jig that installs knobs & handles on doors and drawer fronts of any size. For hardware longer than 12 ½”, attach drilling extensions to the TP-1934 and drill up to 31”.
With TP- 1935, you can do Line Boring also. Now it’s easy to drill shelf holes on the job site. Attach drilling extensions to the TP-1934 and drill front and back shelf holes on any size of cabinet in seconds. A handy removable stop is included for drilling side panels before cabinet assembly in the shop. Bushings available in 5mm or ¼” replaceable hardened steel.



Best measuring solution in the wood


prolinerWith the Proliner you can digitize your stairs, doors, window frames, teak decks, countertops, interior, vehicle interior etc.  as easy as 1,2,3.Measure and create your dxf drawing in only minutes with an accuracy of o,5mm !
The Proliner principle is very simple by measuring with a wire.  The Proliner has measuring head that can be rotated in every direction and has wire that can be stretched out for several meters.  At the end of the wire is a metal measuring pen. With this measuring pen you can simply mark the relevant points.
These points are directly translated into a digital DXF CAD file.  With the Proliner you can measure straight, curved of very complex shapes in an instant with an accuracy of 0.5mm. You can measure any object in horizontal, vertical or slanting position. The digital drawing connects directly to any CNC- machine or plotter and your production run in only a couple of minutes.
This is compact, durable and easy to take / Easy to use by a single perso. One can complete more jobs per day with one person and drawing work is done without making errors.



Industrial laser cutting system


img_20180114_170406375_2Ningbo RUK Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaging in industrial automation system, equipment and related spare parts, as well as its full set of program’s R & D, manufacturing, sales and service as a whole.
They also have cooperation in program’s R & D with well-known university domestic and overseas, especially bringing in Europe’s Technology and experts. They have independently researched and developed CAD/CAM integrated Digital Laser cutting system, as well as controller and driving demanded in automation field. Products are widely applied in many industries like leather, shoes, apparel, bag, packaging, plastic flexible material, ISO 9001 quality management system, and have won certification authority domestic and overseas.
RJMCC series flexible material cutting system avoids traditional industry’s shortage of production: long cycle of die mold Customization, replaces inconvenient, high cost of die sinking. This machine works without die mold, replace the die mold and manual cutting, solve the problem of manual cutting precision, material waste, low production efficiency, etc. (one machine’s production efficiency is approximate equal to 3 manpower)



Tregarne Woodwelder
Weld Glue Joints in Seconds


img_20180116_105559832_3It improves Production, improves quality, cures glue in seconds:
The Tregarne Woodwelder has been used in the woodworking industry for over 30 years. The R.F. (Radio Frequency) generator produces radio waves, via a pair of triode valves. The R. F. is then modified to 27 megahertz and passed down the coaxial cable to the handgun. The electrodes or the handgun are placed over the glue line and when the trigger on the handgun is activated the radio waves pass into the glue line. The Radio waves vibrate the water molecules in the glue, this vibration causes heat and the heat sets off the glue, all within 5 seconds, Simplicity in itself!



TSR Turbinaire
Solvent Recyclers


img_20180114_170516309_2Turbinaire Solvent Recycling Systems are the cleanest, Safest and most practical, cost-effective way to recover dirty solvent. Through a distilling process, the TSR separates the contaminants from the solvents, turning dirty solvent into clean. The residue produced by the distilling process solidifies in the tank’s specially designed liner for safe and easy disposal.
This Reduce Solvent Purchases By Up to 90%, reduce hazardous waste, recycle dirty solvent, it easily connects to any Turbinaire Spray Gun washing system
Vacuum Kit draws vapors into condenser during distillation process, and then transfers clean solvent into a reservoir – see back page.  Reservoir is equipped with a manual valve for easy dispensing of clean
Solvent.  Absolutely necessary for distilling chlorinated solvents, grease removers, and other solvents with vapors heavier than air, otherwise can be used to reduce distilling temperatures and accelerate cycle time when distilling any solvent.
Spray Gun washer
Turbinaire Gun Washing Systems are the cleanest, safest and most practical, cost-effective way to clean your spray guns. The stainless steel wash basin is equipped with multiple spray nozzles to ensure thorough cleaning of guns and paint cups. The automatic cycle cleans up to two guns simultaneously.
All Gun Washing Systems are equipped with a ventilation system that can be connected to an exhaust duct to remove harmful vapors from the work area. They manufacture manual and automatic gun washers that reduce solvent consumption for gun cleaning. It cleans spray guns faster, easier and eliminates harmful vapors
Keeping your spray guns clean has never been so quick and easy!



Vacuum technology

img_20180114_170326416_2The principles of vacuum technology are simple. Atmospheric pressure is very heavy-we have over a ton per square foot pressing upon us at sea level. Luckily, we have an equal amount of internal pressure to keep us from being crushed. When the air molecules are removed from a container even in small amounts-atmospheric pressure immediately becomes evident.
When air is removed from a closed vacuum bag containing a veneering project, two things happen. First, as the vacuum is created, atmospheric pressure bears down on the work inside the bag with perfect uniformity and enormous pressure. Second, as air is drawn out of the cells in the surface structure of the wood, glue is sucked into these cells. The results are dependable and consistent. Vacuum Pressing Systems offers two types of laminating systems. The “bag” system that completely envelops the work and the “frame” system with a hinged lid the drops down over the panel being pressed.
Once you have used the VacuPress you will agree that there isn’t a better way to veneer curved shapes. Gone are the frustrating hours of trying to perfectly mate male and female forms and striving to wrap shaped pieces with veneer.  For curved work the VacuPress bag system is used in two ways. With the “inner technique”, the form and laminations are slid into the bag. With the “outer technique,” only the laminations are placed inside the bag. The form stays outside. This second technique is commonly used when the form is too large to practically go inside the bag. You bring the laminations to the shape of the form and the VacuPress clamps all the laminations to each other, eliminating all but a few clamps.
BAG SYSTEM is used for Flat veneered panels, curved doors, arched jams, shaped parts, cylinders, spiral staircases. When it comes to veneering and forming, no other method has the versatility of a bag system. These tough, flexible bags will conform to almost any shape. When the pressing process is finished, just roll up the bag and put the VacuPress away. Designed for easy compact storage, the bag system is a must for the space conscious shop.