LV Technology Spray Solution

spray-gunANEST IWATA’s patented LV (Low volume) Technology is the exciting new technology is a natural evolution in ANEST IWATA’s continuing commitment to providing the best spray solution.
This unique technology creates a double atomization process within the sprayed coatings. LV Technology works by focusing air down the special slits in the fluid nozzle that direct air toward the center of the nozzle orifice. This change in direction also causes the air stream to speed up, meeting the fluid in the center of the tip where a powerful pulverization of the fluid occurs. This pulverization is the pre-atomizing step, which expends the paint stream four to five times that of the fluid opening, and it is now a mixture of air and paint rather than fluid only. This air and paint mixture is much easier for the main atomization to break up, resulting in lower gun operating pressures. The secondary air cap piercings then complete the main atomization.


Bamboo products

img_20180116_162857945_2Founded in 1998, located in the MOSO Bamboo forests country …. Chogyi, Jiangxi Province, China. Precious Bamboo is a company that specializes in Eco-friendly bamboo products manufacturing. Precious Bamboo enjoys deep knowledge of bamboo material, abundant experiences in the usage of bamboo material, along with the professional equally suited for residential, restaurant, hospitality, park and corporate environments and all manner of public spaces. The product range covers high-quality and natural models such as bamboo flooring, bamboo decking, bamboo furniture ( indoor & outdoor ), wall panel and bamboo decorated material.
They are equipped with the modern and precise Homag production line, combined with the traditional craft. We manufacture every product of superb quality within the passed decade. They have acquired ISO9001/14001 standard, CE certification and FSC certification. Their products are exported with Japan F4 star and European E1 even E0 standard.

No-fuss Pocket Screw Joints

img_20180116_105329374_2This is the Quick Way to Join Wood. Pocket screw joints are as sturdy as they are easy to make. You use a drilling jig and stepped bit to bore steeply pitched, counter bored holes in one joint member. Then, drive a couple of self-tapping screws into these holes to draw the joint together. The result is a surprisingly strong, reinforced miter or butt joint that requires no glue. Once the screws are driven home, you’re finished.
Pocket screws are the fastest way anybody knows of to build face frames, and with a little creativity you can use them for most casework joinery- assembling backs to sides, building shelf panels from narrower stock, attaching edge banding or toe kicks, fastening hang strips… the list goes on. Pocket screws are also great for other furniture applications, such as joining legs and aprons, sneaking screws into tight spots or fastening picture frame miters.
It’s not difficult to get started making pocket-hole joints. For example, the ultra-basic pocket-hole jig set shown here comes with everything you need to get started. The jig has hardened steel sleeves to reinforce the drill bit holes and a screw clamp to hold workpieces securely. You also get a stepped drill bit and stop collar, a 6” square drive bit and a handful of pan head screw. In three easy steps, you’ll be a pocket screw convert.

Decoration material

img_20180116_163113442They are located in the Henglin Industrial Zone of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province with covering an area of 68000 square meters (spread on 100 acres) and are having 200 workers. This was established in 2001 and is having export earnings of 15 Million US dollars. Daou Decoration Material Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise, which own R & D, production and sales together. We specialize in producing Laminate Floor and Antistatic floor.
They have four whole automatic flooring production lines of HOMAG and HAOKAI from Germany. Their annual production capacity has reached 10 million square meters. They can produce many kinds of floor with variety of models such as embossed, U-grove, Synchronized, Waterproof, sound -absorbing. Their products are sold to more than 35 countries and regions.
This is ISO9002 and ISO9001 certified company and has obtained the title of National Inspection-free in quantity. They got the title of Export First Class Enterprise.


img_20180116_162629350_2Dollken manufactures aqua stop pen for Perfect joint sealing of edge banding.
The water and moisture in the kitchen and bathroom can no longer damage your wood-composite board as DÖllken AQUA-STOP-PEN that seals joints quickly and reliably. Just apply a thin layer of it and leave to dry for one minute and the joint becomes watertight.
Fine water vapour can cause adhesive joints to swell – board joints in particular provide the largest area for water to penetrate. This is not possible anymore because DÖllken AQUA-STOP-PEN also provides enhanced protection against moisture penetration.
No dirt can get into the joint thanks to the tight seal. The treated surface is therefore easy to clean and aesthetically appealing.