High quality Lumber


Interforest Lumber produces and maintains a constant inventory of diversified species, thicknesses and grades. They also offer custom ripping and surfacing, as well as sorting, cut-to-length and short clear cuttings in quality hardwoods.


interforestAll hardwoods bearing the Interforest Lumber logo are prepared on company premises using controlled kiln drying processes. Interforest Lumber maintains continuous N.H.L.A. certification to insure consistent quality grading of our produces.The lumber is then ready for delivery to the clients. With over 30 years of doing business in 40 countries on five continents, Interforest Lumber has developed comprehensive knowledge of hardwood markets.


Interforest Lumber products are top-of-the-line hardwoods prepared for the global hardwood market. Included among the North American and specialty species they process are Red Oak (quartered and rift sawn), White Oak (quartered and rift sawn), White Oak, Red Oak (flat cut) ,Red Elm, Sapele (quartered and rift sawn), Sapele, American Black Walnut, Soft Maple, Yellow Birch, Tulipwood, yellow Poplar, Basswood, White Ash, Hard Maple, Cherry, Steamed Cherry etc.


profile-sandingLOEWER MULTI MASTER
Modular Linear Sander


Multi-Master is the best possible solution for sanding and de-nibbing profiled parts. You can choose from eccentric discs, planetary heads, sanding rollers and contact belts. You select the units that suit your task best. Combine these with the SmartFlex brush sanding system and you’ve got yourself a winning team with superb sanding results!With brush sanding, straightforward sanding rollers rarely deliver the best possible sanding results. Loewer, therefore, has come up with a range of new sanding units in a modular machine system – the MultiMaster which is having various sanding units like Sanding roller that has a lot of possibilities when used with the incredibly versatile smartFlex sanding strip system. SmartFlex sanding strip system,in conjunction with the automatic dipping device, is ideally suited for sanding parts already cut to length.
Impressive results are achieved with eccentricseated, grooved disc for intensive cross sanding in two directions. Perfect for light to medium profiles or longitudinal radii.


The Planetary Head is extremely functional and has three rotating discs with overhung head rotation for sanding from all directions. Best suited for removing fibres on lighter profiles.


Contact Belt is newHighly effective revolving / rotating strip belt with large contact area. Ideal for intensive wood sanding with higher feed speeds.



Power Tools


Mirka has expanded from a leading abrasive maker into a developer and manufacturer of complete sanding systems.  As an integral part of that, Mirka’s Power Tools unit is focused on manufacturing, designing, developing and marketing advanced tools for professional sanding and polishing, providing outstanding benefits to the users.


Because of the excellent ergonomic design, the machines can be used for long periods without fatigue.  For example, gripping the machine is more controlled and relaxed thanks to extra space for the ring and little finger.


Mirka’s tool range consists of electric and pneumatic sanding machines, polishing machines, hand blocks and industrial dust extractors, along with equipment for the sanding of walls and ceilings. Together with a complete range of spare parts, backing pads and other accessories,Mirka is offering you total sanding and polishing solutions.


Mirka electric sanders are unique, lightweight and equipped with a compact design. The optimized ergonomics make it comfortable to grip and easy to use,While the low profile design gives a high maneuverability and helps to deliver precise and efficient sanding performance.  The innovative brushless electric motor is powerful enough to maintain a constant speed under load.  Mirka’s electric sanders are also virtually silent in operation, cheap to run and require minimal maintenance.



painting-boothAZZURRA MIX
Pressurised Painting system


This type of system was created and designed to cater for the needs of companies specializing in precision “touch-dry” paint jobs with high-quality finishes.  To make these results possible, the system generates a higher internal pressure that prevents the entry of dust, also permitting rapid polymerization of paints and perfect drying of painted surfaces. The external structure of the both is composed of special pre-painted heat-insulated and noise-proofed panels.  The external walls have sliding doors, an emergency door with panic bolt and round window.


The pressurization unit, located on top of or by the side of the booth, is composed of a self-supporting frame in metal profile bars and walls in double sheet metal filled with insulation material.  Inside there are pre-filters, electric air extractor with double extraction heat radiator with high coefficient of heat exchange ( only for systems prearranged for heated operation). Air is supplied to the booth through a plenum chamber for distribution and filtering, which ensures the entry of perfectly clean air thanks to the use of high-efficiency filters.


Extraction units for fumes composed of one or two extraction columns are installed in the area provided for temporary storage of painted items. The electrical system is composed of an electrical module complete with all components necessary for correct machine operation.  The front panel of the electrical box has a main switch, emergency button, start/stop buttons, a digital temperature regulator and a switch for lighting, provided by waterproof light fixtures in polycarbonate with double high-yield fluorescent neon tubes.  All electrical cables are flame-retardant and protected by sheaths and sheath clamps. This guarantees a dust free painting area.



Dimension measurement

This is a Two in One Coordinates measurement tool and point projector for 2D and 3D objects. The times of tedious measurements by hand with lots of mistakes are finally over – even the most complex jobs are no match for the ProCollector’s measuring skills.  This new product from SL-Laser comes with a pre-configured Pocket PC packed with the latest technical features to conquer the complicated challenges of measuring and templating 2D or 3D objects.  It is an integrated all-in-one solution as a mobile measurement solution for one-man use on the construction site.  Times for collecting measurements are dramatically reduced.  And everyone knows “time is money”.


The ProCollector does not only measure coordinates, but is able to project your construction plans directly onto the walls and floors.   Each point of the drawing can be projected in real size 1:1.  Without water levels, without a measuring tape – flawless just like the plan shows it.  Mark the wall layout of a complete floor, locate outlets and light switches, install chair rail and wainscoting, arched millwork, staircases – everything at a glance.


This a one more highly efficient tool for a more user friendly working environment, where a high level of quality is the ultimate goal.No matter which object has to be measured- horizontal, vertical or diagonal – you only need a reference level with 3 points to level the ProCollector.


A highly visible laser beam is sent to the measuring point, the coordinate is captured, saved and a drawing is automatically created by these data points.


Simple. Exact. Errorless.  Here the ProCollector shows the location of electrical outlets.





The name Southern Pine Yellow Pine represents a group of four principal species of pine: longleaf, shortleaf, loblolly, and slash, that grow in a wide belt from EastTexas to Virginia. Timber from all four species is marketed as Southern Yellow Pine and graded in accordance with the grading rules of the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB), approved by the American Softwood Lumber Standards Committee.


The natural characteristics that distinguish Southern Yellow Pine as a versatile and durable building material are: like High Strength – Design values are among the highest of all softwoods.  It has earned a reputation as the ‘Supreme Structural Wood of the World’. Durability  – Highly resistant to wear, it is ideally suited for high traffic applications such as pathways, decks and flooring. It ability to hold nails and other fasteners is among the highest of all softwoods.  Drying (or seasoning) further enhances this capability. It has long been a preferred species when pressure treatment with Preservatives is required.  Its unique cellular structure permits deep, uniform penetration of preservatives, making it one of the few species not requiring incising prior to treatment.


Wood is naturally reusable, recyclable and biodegradable, it’s the best insulator of all structural building materials, conserving finite fossil fuel and coal by requiring less energy to heat and cool a home built with wood; it takes far less energy to transform trees into wood products than it does to manufacture steel, aluminum, masonry or plastic products – and less pollution of the air and water, too.  And of course, a growing forest removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, while giving off life-sustaining oxygen.



Your Best Measuring Solution in the Wood!


With the Proliner you can digitize your stairs, doors, window frames, teak decks, countertops, interior, vehicle interior etc. as easy as 1,2,3. Measure and create your .dxf drawing in only minutes with an accuracy of 0,5 mm!


The Proliner principle is very simple: measuring with a wire. The Proliner has a measuring head that can be rotated in every direction and has a wire that can be stretched out for several meters. At the end of the wire is a metal measuring pen.With this measuring pen you can simply mark the relevant points.These points are directly translated into a digital DXF CAD file. With the Proliner you can measure straight, curved of very complex shapes in an instant with an accuracy of 0.5mm. You can measure any object in horizontal, vertical or slanting position.The digital drawingconnects directly to any CNC-machine or plotter and your production runs in only a couple of minutes.


The benefits of Proliner are that it is Compact, durable and easy to carry, Easy to use by a single person and Saves money. Moreoverdaily jobs can be templated per day with one person and the drawing work is done as well. It helps to stop making errors.



PVC hoses for duct collection


PUDUCT HOSE is made of abrasion resistant Polyurethane with copper plated spring steel spiral embedded into wall. Very light and extremely flexible hose with good tensile and abrasion strengths and ultimate elongation. Free of softeners, halogen free, physiological safe, cadmium free and excellent elasticity. Hose will also remain flexible below 0°C.


The Applications of this is in Dust Collector, wood floor, shavings, granulate, power, gases and fumes, Textiles, Plastic, Printing, Ceramic, Furniture and wood industry, shavings exhaust, chemical industry, paint industry, oil fog exhaust, machine manufacturing. Universal hose are for transportation of light solids and for air and gas transportation. Being Food Grade material , can be used in food & Pharmaceuticals industries.


It is available in 25mm to 350mm diameter and can sustain temperatures from -40°C to + 90°C (+ 125°CShort term)


PU Hoses are also available in wall thickness of 1.2mm& 2.5mm. This Heavy Duty PU Hose is mainly used to convey material like power, granules some chemicals etc. Inner surface for these PU Hoses is smooth so it is better for conveying of materials.



hvlpTURBINAIRE HVLP system  
Spray painting system


Turbinaire HVLP Sprayers are powered by an electric turbine that supplies a consistent flow of high volume, low pressure air ( 4-6 PSI @ 95-1130 CFM ) to the spray gun to atomize the paint or coating being applied.  By spraying at low pressure, the coating doesn’t bounce back from the surface such as with conventional high-pressure sprayers.  As a result Turbinaire sprayers virtually eliminate overspray and drastically reduce paint consumption.


The end results are substantial savings in coating and operating costs, a cleaner, safer work environment and a superior quality finish. This is Ideal for Woodworkers, Hobbyists, Cabinet Shops and Contractors.  This assures Reduction of Overspray By Up to 90%, Savings Up to 50% on Coating Costs. It is Portable – Easy To Use and Maintain, Cleaner, Safer & Healthier Work Environment, Superior Quality Finish with Any Spray-able Coating.


Turbinaire Volume-Fed System is Ideal for Contractor and Large Projects !  Volume-Fed Systems include Turbine, Built-In Compressor, Air Hose with Quick Disconnect Coupler and a Volume-Fed Gun for use with the paint tank and fluid lines supplied with the system. The Tubine provides the atomizing air, and the Built-In Compressor pressurizes the paint tank and pushes the material to the Fluid Tip.


The built-in Speed Controller provides the versatility to adjust the air output based on the coating being sprayed and the finish required.  When spraying light-bodied coatings ( Stain, dye, lacquer, water sealer, etc ) reduce the air output to eliminate unnecessary overspray.  When spraying heavy-bodied coatings ( latex paint, multi-color, enamel, etc.) increase the air output for textured finishing.



turbanireTURBINAIRE system
Spraygun cleaning system


Turbinaire Gun Washing Systems are the cleanest, safest and most practical, cost-effective way to clean your spray guns.The stainless steel washbasin is equipped with multiple spray nozzles to ensure through cleaning of guns and paint cups.The automatic cycle cleans up to two guns simultaneously.  All Gun Washing Systems are equipped with a ventilation system that can be connected to an exhaust duct to remove harmful vapors from the work area.
The main advantages are Reduction in Solvent Purchases By Up To     90%, Reduction in Hazardous Waste, Recycles Dirty Solvent, Certified     Explosion Proof, Class 1.


Vacuum Kit draws vapors into condenser during distillation process, and then transfers clean solvent into a reservoir- see back page. Reservoir is equipped with a manual value for easy dispensing of clean solvent. Absolutely necessary for distilling chlorinated solvents, grease removers, and other solvents with vapors heavier than air, otherwise can be used to reduce distilling temperatures and accelerate cycle time when distilling any solvent.


Turbinaire Solvent Recycling systems are the cleanest, safest and most practical, cost-effective way to recover dirty solvent.Through a distilling process, the TSR separates the contaminants from the solvents, turning dirty solvent into clean.The residue produced by the distilling process solidifies in the tank’s specially designed liner for safe and easy disposal.


This Reduces Solvent Consumption for Gun Cleaning, Cleans Spray Guns Faster and Easier, Eliminates Harmful Vapors


Keeping your spray guns clean has never been so quick and easy!



High-density wood fiberboard


FINSA introduces unique product for multi-functional uses in School & College Furniture, Office & Residential Furniture, including modular kitchens, and Gym Furniture – CompacMel Plus – A solution in wood, specially designed for use in highly humid indoor as well as outdoor environments or for applications requiring high resistance.
CompacMel Plus is a compact high-density wood fiberboard with a density of more than 1000kg/m3 with excellent mechanical properties. Due to it’s high density, this product is the ideal alternative for high thickness partitions, which helps to reduce the dead weight and also in creating more space for utilization. Furthermore, CompacMel Plus provides a high strength decorative melamine protection and is available in various vibrant colours in soft texture in thickness range of 8mm to 13mm.


The main advantages are High moisture resistance (comfortably passes tests V313 and V100), Excellent mechanical properties (Bending strength, tensile strength, impact Resistance), Environmentally friendly: Produced from 100% recyclable sustainable Wood, and is a PEFC and FSC certified product, E1 Formaldehyde Classification: low formaldehyde contents, Easily machined (cutting and drilling) and installation etc.