A Home furnishing is a leading brand in China.  A sister company of Yang Chen Furniture Group-  the company was established in Meizhou city, Guangdong province in 1988.  Today, the company is a specialized furniture manufacturer and supplier engaged in the domestic and international sale of furniture.Their dining and bedroom products have served over 3,000,000 families around world.    A Home has grown into a modern furniture manufacture with 13,000 employees, 13 manufacture bases, and a floor area of 1350mu including more than 900,000 square meters of plant area in China and other countries.   Domestically, A Home has opened 3,000+store fronts.  They are also a super supplier for American furniture Top 1-3.   Current products include panel-type and 100% solid wood furniture, functional sofas, fabric sofas, leather sofas, soft beds, mattresses, kits furniture and the furniture with American style over 26 catalogs etc.