Vega Duplicators produce a wide range of turnings quickly, easily and accurately, on your lathe, with minimal turning experience.  It’s fun, fast and easy to use.  They are designed and constructed to withstand production turning environments.  The Midi Lathe Duplicator will fit most any Mini or Midi lathe on the market.  If you happen to familiar with the Vega Pro Duplicator you will be familiar with this tool.  It is essentially a small version of that very successful design.  For specific application information and technical support, your dealer and a helpful and knowledgeable factory staff is just a phone call away.

The duplicator works on the same principle as a key cutter.   You either make a template ( which has the profile of the turning cut into it ) or mount an original turning that you wish to copy ( 2” inch diameter maximum for original turnings).  Excess material is quickly removed by locking the cutters in-out motion and turning the handwheel of the duplicator to move the cutter along the axis of the lathe bed.  Then the last cuts are made, with the stylus following the template or turning, working from the high points of the turning down into the coves.  Copies parts up to 10” long.