Sodra is one of the largest forestry groups with more than 75 years of tradition of meeting the most demanding needs of their clients. Swedish forest owners jointly own Sodra Group, a 17 billion SEK company . Together their  owners hold nearly 2.4 million hectares of production forests in Sweden. . Sodra owns and controls 11 sawmills in the Nordic countries, with different specialties and possibilities. Two of these are specialized in hardwood.

Within Sodra, they leave nothing to chance. They have researched and developed improved plant material, specially adapted for Swedish conditions, for many years. These enhanced plants produce better lumber, faster. The timber they  use in production therefore has good durability properties and the concentrated geographic supply area makes the raw material – and thus the end product – consistent, and of high quality.

The company Sodra Timber is also certified and a minimum of 65 per cent of production is certified according to both standards.