SCA Timber is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of wood-based products, with an annual production capacity of 2.1 million cubic meters. The operations include five sawmills in Sweden, wood-processing units with planing mills in Sweden, France and the UK and distribution and wholesale operations.

The sawmills are strategically located with direct access to SCA’s forest holdings and some of them are among the most modern mills in Scandinavia with large volume capacity.

Their customers are mainly within the wood industry and building material merchants in which they not only offer a high quality solid-wood product but also supplier concepts. The concept includes, for example, expert knowledge, efficient technology and complementary service solutions within distribution, warehouse and IT. For building material merchants they offer One-stop-shop distribution solution with a well-adapted product range and high service.

They  are working to cut costs in processing and supply chain from forest to finished product. With the latest technology like automatic sorting, scanning, cutting, finger-jointing and lamella gluing, they  increase both the share and integration of further processed wood products in production.

The high quality of slow-grown northern pine/spruce with its tight growth rings and unique fibre characteristics makes it highly suitable for applications where the wood is visible. The base of raw materials to SCA Timber’s product program is supplied from SCA’s own forest holdings in northern Sweden, which comprises 2.6 million hectares. SCA’s forestry operations are certified in accordance with the standards of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC™ (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

The product program includes for example, furniture material, solid-wood flooring material, window material, doorframes, paneling, cladding, decking/garden timber and building/construction timber. Even the byproducts from the sawmills, sawdust, bark and chips, gain new application areas as heating pellets, bio-fuel and as raw material to new products within the pulp and paper industry.