Art starts with inspiration and the desire to create something new.   And when that creative desire is combined with technical expertise, the result can be outstanding.  This is the premise for real art, for the trade and for the surfaces produced by Sandvik.


The experience we have gained through more than 40 years of development and design enables us to deliver unique and unmistakably beautiful surfaces.  Whether it’s the creation of a new surface or improvements to classic surfaces and designs, you can be assured of individual attention and a truly creative approach.  In other words, here at Sandvik we combine the skills and competence to satisfy the strictest technical parameters with the imagination and inspiration to create harmonious, visually appealing designs.  It’s a science and an art.  Our material is steel, our market the world.


We work continuously to improve the characteristics of our products in order to deliver maximum customer satisfaction and highest productivity for our customers.  And to achieve this, we make full use of the technologies and expertise available thoughout the Sandvik network.