Furniture can now be assembled in seconds without using any tools, screws, fasteners or other loose parts. Just click the parts together for perfectly aligned and stable furniture. With “Threespine” Click furniture technology and our technical support, we provide a solution that enables our licensees to introduce a new generation of furniture on the market.


three-spine-01Threespine is based on our5G®fold down technology. This technology is regarded as a world standard for installing floating floors and has been used worldwide in the production of more than one billion m2 of flooring.
The key feature of Threespine” is the flexible plastic locking tongue that automatically locks boards or panels when pushed together. When a panel is pushed into position (1), the tongue is forced into the tongue groove (2). As the panel teaches its final position, the tongue snaps out into a wedge groove and locks the panels (3). The tongue strength in combination with the long connection surface achieves an extremely stable locking in turn makes the furniture very robust.  Threespine technology enables furniture to be completely dismantled. Use the dismantling strip to push the tongue back into the tongue groove thereby unlocking the panels.
The locking tongues are inserted in the furniture panels during production. This way we make it easier for everyone to assemble furniture. By simply pushing the panels together, the furniture will be perfectly stable and square every time.