The particular company organizational structure, which consists of an engineering department and a production department served by selected partners and where everything is run with an ISO9001 certified quality system, guarantees a great flexibility, reliability and, consequently, real advantages for the customers:

The company offers technical assistance, both during installation and use of the instruments, provided by our experienced technical office. It is possibility to customize products according to customers’ specifications and needs. The Quality guaranteed by severe inspections on 100% of our products. It is affordable priced. Great attention is paid to the quality of the whole service, from the first contact up to after-sale assistance.

All these features have made Logica H & S, a well-established and worldwide appreciated company in the field of drying control and moisture measurement.

Contract of Pin Meters- How To Choose?

Measuring the moisture on the whole surface of a plank, using a contact moisture meter is a really fast and painless operation. On the opposite, using a pin type meter would require a lot of time and inevitably damages the wood due to the holes of the pins.

On the other hand, contrary to expectations, using a pin type meter is much easier than using a contact one, because it is easier to identify the measured area (between the pins) and there is no possibility of errors due to insufficient thickness, to the material under the measured sample, to the pressure on the electrodes and so on.