Created in 1990, the Jura Supérieur label attests to the top quality of its fir and spruce trees, which are processed in 12 sawmills in the Jura Supérieur.  Families, many of whose forebears were sawyers, who are known for their expertise, consistency and responsiveness. These 21 st- century entrepreneurs find themselves in a unique position: they have inherited very specific know-how but are also resolutely turned towards the future.  This means that their knowledge of the environment, industry and local as well as national and international markets is unparalleled.
The strength of the Jura Supérieur group resides in the sharing of its members’ know-how, in their dynamism, as well as in the solidity of their professional commitment and their complete responsibility.


The Jura is rightly known as one of the biggest natural highland forests.  Geology, climate and forestry management, which has existed for several decades, have contributed to the development of trees that are remarkably strong and perfectly homogeneous. The very best wood is selected from among these different softwood trees, all of which boast close and regular growth rings, and sold under the ‘Jura Supérieur’  label by 12 softwood sawyers who share the same standards of excellence.