CPI Tegus
Impregnated flexible foil

This revolutionary product is from CPI Tegus, a company from Brazil that has 38 years of experience and is now in its 3’rd generation of managers and with 200+ employees. CPI Tegus was one of the first companies in the world to start producing melamine-impregnated products for the furniture and door market.


cpi-tegusAll this experience has brought complete knowledge over the printing and impregnation processes, which are in constant updating, always developing and color-matching new products with personalized impregnations and designs.


Now the company founded in 1979 is present in over 30 countries with four main product lines supporting a wide variation of needs for panel working.


A single layer post impregnated flexible foil which combines the flexibility of the PVC foil with the natural touch and resistance of the melamine and an extremely competitive price, this is a unique and innovative product that has revolutionized pre-hung flush doors and profiles. Its flexibility allows the easier usage of the product that can be applied with a lamination line for straight surfaces ( Flat lamination machine ) and with a wrapping machine for the profiles surfaces.


The single layer product has a higher resistance as characteristic that combining with other garnishes can reach the level of 500 cycles according to DIN EN-438-2 abrasion test and has resistance to acetones. The foil works on most substrates, having a variety of thickness to attend each case, being those finger-joint solid wood, HDF, MDF, WPC, PVC, even aluminum.



Interior Decorative Finished Panels


To satisfy the increasing demand of art & craft in interior decoration and to produce a creative, soft and rich furnishing, we established decmore panels ltd. decmore panels are not only easy to implement but suitable to multiple wooden surfaces and makes a huge impact on the spaces where you would love to indulge. It adds freshness, vitality and touch of definition to every living space. So if you are planning to flaunt your furniture, wall doors, elmira, ceiling, pillars, try decmore panels now.


Art has an innate ability to define emotions and is considered a core element in today’s interior designing trend. Decmore panels showcases a new edition in the emerging field of interior decoration and furnishing, which is very versatile and flaunts timeless style to achieve impeccable beautiful spaces.



pin-less-moisture-meterGeneral Tools    
Pin less LCD Moisture Meter


The Professional Digital Pin-less Moisture Meter From General Tools is anon-marring, pin-less moisture meter that is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers, contractors, building inspectors and water damage remediates. This versatile meter measures the moisture level of wood and building materials such as drywall and masonry, featuring an easy-to-read LED display for quick readings. With unique settings for different materials, the meter offers a measurement range of 0 to 35% for softwood and relative readings for wallboard and masonry.





img_20180402_083435920_hdr_2Hettich Poddar

Wood Working Institute


Hettich Poddar WoodWorking Institute a trust created by Hettich India Private Limited on 11.08.2016, exclusively for charitable purpose for the benefit of public at large by setting up vocational training centre/ institute for providing training to the people so as to improve their skill in wood working and furniture and fittings sector and also to promote Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) with the aim to offer youth meaningful, skill base training through skill development course.


The Trust has its registered office at A-26/4, 1st Floor, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, New Delhi – 110044 and with its vocational training centre (Wood-Working Institute) at Plot No. 2, First Floor, DLF Industrial Estate No. 1, Near NHPC Metro Station, Faridabad-121003


The Training Centre is close to the New Delhi office (5 km distance) rented premises measuring about 7500 sq feet covered area + some open space and better connectivity with Metro (ITO –Escorts Mujesar Line). To impart ‘Theoretical’ and ‘Practical’ woodworking and Furniture fitting and hardware knowledge to students at Zero cost to make them employable and suitable for the growing furniture industry.


The Motto of Training Centre is to establish itself as an iconic Centre for wood working industry, where people can come and upgrade their skills for free and to spread its wings all over India.



mqdefaultMerlin Vario Pro

Sanding Pad for profiles


Sanding custom profiles has never been quicker and easier. The flexible lamellae adjust to any profile. The sanding paper is pressed optimally onto the profile surface, thus ensuring even abrasion over the entire contour. Ideal for snagging and finishing wood, plastics, varnish, filler, metal surfaces. Incl. two sanding pads each of grits 120, 180, 220. Profile pad 85 x 33 mm.



Double Walled Drawer


INDAUX presents its new company motto, “Smart Simplicity”. Because making the complex simple is a gift. Two INDAUX’s innovations: the ATLAS system for suspended furniture and SMART, the new easy-to-assemble connector, have received both Interzum Awards 2013, which recognize outstanding proposals in each edition of the German trade fair. With the two “High Quality product” awards obtained, Indaux confirms its commitment to innovation and design.


ARIANE, the new double walled drawer from INDAUX, has expanded its personalization options, with new interior drawers, new double sides and even the latest generation of INDAmatic system, ARIANE enhances daily home comfort and the beauty of the furniture.


INDAmatic soft-closing system with adjustable easy-opening. The original INDAmatic soft-closing system has evolved to offer a new use experience when opening and closing the cabinet. Nowadays, it is not only sufficient to provide a smooth and quiet closing of doors and drawers, the opening needs to be made easier too.


The new INDAmatic makes this possible with the best combination of two technologies: improved hydraulics that reduces the opening resistance and damping optimization, maximizing running smoothness.



20-mag-switch-2Magswitch Work
holding System


This is starter Kit… It all starts here. Universal Base & Mag-Jig accommodates all attachments. This adds the different tool attachments to the base.


The Starter Kit is the practical way to get started in the Magswitch Work-holding system! Complete with Universal Base, two Mag-Jig 150s and the Reversible Feather-board. The Starter Kit features a reversible feather-board attachment that mounts to the base and can be used on either side of the blade. The two Mag-Jig 150s are removable and can also be used in your own jigs and fixtures.


This helps in holding stock for controlled ripping, routing, shaping, joining and more. It guarantees fast setups with precise positioning. The small footprint makes it ideal for use with small tables, band saws and fences Can be used anywhere on your table or fence (steel or cast iron). This accepts all Magswitch Workholding System accessories – expandable system gives you a multitude of shop possibilities.





Lunawood Thermowood is made to last in high air moisture and heat up to 60°C degrees. Natural wood is thermally modified to be a durable and stable building material in extreme climates from cold to hot.


Lunawood’s thermal modification respects the natural properties of wood. The raw material is processed using only heat and steam. Lowered equilibrium moisture content remarkably enhances the wood’s dimensional stability. Thermowood is weather and rot resistant, but also non-toxic and resin free. The thermal modification makes the northern wood an optimal building material. All of the products can be used in doors or outdoors, in any climate.


Lunawood Thermowood is an outstanding choice for exterior claddings and facades. Our product range also provides wide cladding boards produced by utilizing glue lamination technology. Thermowood allows Scandinavian softwood to be successfully used in hot and humid weather conditions. In addition, all our cladding products have the European conformity CE mark.


Oy Lunawood Ltd, established in 2000, is an innovation pioneer in the thermal modification of wood. It has grown to be the global market leader of thermally modified wood. The company status is based on the quality of its products and production capacity. The company is proud of its high quality products matched only by it’s personal and export service.
Lunawood is an eco-friendly natural product, which is easy to machine and install.



lotus-abrasivesLotus Abrasives
Mop, Flap Wheels, Sleeves, Disc, Belts


The Italian company Napoleon has specializing in the production of abrasive paper and fabric, Plastic film and patented bonded backings since 1952. Combining Know-how gained over three generations with a vocation for research and development, Napoleon invents, Produces and sells cutting edge abrasive products for all types of application, designed for the following industries: wood, metal automotive, naval, fabrics and leather.


At the Napoleon Production unit in Giovanni Lupatoto, Verona, a highly automated production line makes a wide range of high performance products that meet all sanding requirements.


A strong focus on Customer Satisfaction, the company’s main mission, combined with an open and flexible mentally, attentive to market changes, make Napoleon a world leading company in this field.



img_20180405_105354593_hdr_2Swedish Wood
A Versatile, modern material


The Swedish Wood Industry is the third largest exporter with 70 percent of its land covered in forest, Sweden is the third largest exporter of sawn timber in the world. In Europe, the Swedish sawmill industry holds a prominent position, as the second- largest producer and the largest exporter of sawn softwood.


The Swedish sawmill industry has long experience of global exports and Sweden’s geographical location makes it possible to reliably deliver wood anywhere in the world. The Swedish sawmill industry known that its future is linked to the protection and expansion of its forests. This, in combination with strong, effective laws, ensures that all Swedish timber comes from sustainably managed forests. Every harvested tree is replaced by at least two planted seedlings.


Swedish sawn timber consists mainly of two conifer species one is pine (Pinus Sylvestris) and spruce (Picea abies). Swedish wood is used for furniture, floors, wall panels, mouldings, windows, doors, outdoor decking and as a construction material.


Total Swedish production of sawn and planed timber stands at 18 million m3, of which 13 million m3 is exported. Large investments in the modernization of the Swedish Sawmills have resulted in automated high speed manufacturing technology. This enables the sawmills to produce high quality products in accordance with customer demands in an efficient way.



The Next Generation Wood


Created with patented German Technology that uses Material Sciences and Interfacial Sciences. Relwood ™ is made from a unique blend of natural fibers. Polymer and a specialized blend of additives. This makes Relwood™ water, fire, termite and UV resistant. It is completely recyclable and sustainable. It is also Thermo-formable, having the unique ability to be bent, curved or molded unlike regular wood. This allows for beautiful flowing construction, installation and furniture.


Relwood™ looks and feels similar to wood, however the properties are superior compared to both wood and WPC. Relwood™ is LEED Certified and is a globally accepted material.


It makes a variety of applications possible. It can be used for Outdoors decking and footbridges, Outdoor and indoor furniture and looks and feels as naturals as wood and can take on any shape you creatively design. It can withstand weathering. Look natural and are easy to maintain. It can also be used for Facades that not only enhance the appeal of your building but also protect it from rain and shine. Everything you imagine is possible with Relwood™



Silicone Glue Application Kit


In response to the rave reviews for our silicone Glue Bruch, Rockler is now offering the brush bundled with our flexible Silicone Tracy and Silicone Spreader, all featuring the same easy cleanup as the original brush. The spreader is ideal for evenly distributing glue over broad surfaces, such as when gluing up plinth blocks, corbels or thick table legs.


One swipe with the spreader leaves neat rows of “raked” glue, which fill in after a few seconds for perfect distribution. When you’re done with your glue up, Just rinse with water, or simply set it aside, and the glue will easily flake off by the following day. The Silicone Tray features a small saddle in the end, which holds your brush so that any stray drips go back into the pan when you’re not brushing.



Wood Wax Oil


This is odorless refined flax seed oil, linseed oil, vegetable wax and plant resins as raw material, no triphenyl, methanol and heavy metals, so it is pure and environmental with fresh smell.


It can penetrate into the wood duct, forming the transparent oil film, which can maintain the furniture, inside and out. The golden matching of oil and wax forms the soft and tough thin film, presenting theeffect of looks like that it was not painted, it is actually painted.


This has extra low rate of volatilization and construction consumption attrition, very simpleconstruction tolls, less construction accessories, low comprehensive costs, less 20-30% costs per square meter than high – grade paint. The spreading rate is 15-20m²/kg, which is 1-2 times than PU varnish.



Heritage Board Limited
Pre-laminated and Plain Particle Board


Heritage Board Limited is one of the leading manufacturing Companies of Pre-laminated and Plain Particle Board. With six manufacturing Plants with avant-garde set up, Heritage Board Limited is the only Indian company with in house production facility across all the plants in major cities of India.All plants are equipped to produce wood-base, Bagasse Base and MDF board to cater diverse demands of furniture industry.


A team of young dynamic focused and hardworking team right from top to bottom has become one of the most popular names in Indian laminate manufacturing feternity.With a current independent capacity of eight million Sq.meter and a group capacity of eighteen million Sq. meter of high pressure laminated sheets has become one of the leading names in the laminate industry.


In this span of 34 years the company has built up a very strong Indian market network with the direct dealers network and company’s own warehousing tie-up’s throughout India and also is exporting to various countries globally.Globally we are present in countries like United Kingdom, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Nepal, Lebanon and many other countries.



radheshyamRadheshyam Laminates
High Pressure Laminates


Radheshyam Laminates is a stalwart in Ultimate space and décor solutions. The company was incorporated in November 2000, has seventeen years of experience in distribution and providing innovative customer oriented products. It is a multi-brand company with an exclusive 4500 plus laminate range. Radheshyam has an excellent network of 2500 plus dealers across Karnataka, selling 20 plus certified, reputed and noteworthy brands from all over the world.


Radheshyam Laminates & Decors is a“ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Certified Company”, which goes to say that we follow processes for on-time delivery and constantly improve in our procedures. Our endeavor is to offer un-paralleled customer satisfaction and constantly keep adding new brands.