Premium quality high gloss panel finishing can be done with the KLEIBERIT HotCoating® technology, even standard melamine coated panels can easily be finished with a high quality, high gloss surface. The key is the good adhesion of HotCoating to melamine surfaces and smoothing of the surface with the KLEIBERIT HotCoating® process. Panels can be taken from the shelf as they are Complex sanding processes of pre-treatments are not necessary. Even texturing melamine surfaces (e.g. mini pearl) is not an issue in the HotCoating process. In comparison to other processes, the resulting high gloss surface is in the end sector in regards to gloss, surface smoothness and depth effect.


matt-coatingHotCoating Super Matte is the trend towards naturally matte surfaces with a pleasant and warm feel follows examples taken from nature. Materials such as cork or wood exhibit these properties and offer noticeable pore structures. With the HotCoating super matte technology, surfaces can be created which possess exactly these properties and also perfectly protect the decorative layer with high abrasion, scratch and shock resistance. With the excimer technology that has been integrated in the Hot Coasting multifunction line, gloss levels can be switched from high gloss (>90 GU) to super matte (<5GU) at the push of a button. The highly flexible HotCoating film allows for interesting three-dimensional textures with simple embossing calendar technology.