“Mokuba” is a furniture maker where using  “Extraordinary wood” and “Extraordinary craftsmen” each piece, one after another, is made very carefully.

Their  vertical milling machine, which is the biggest of its size in Japan, can be used on wood up to 6,500mm in length and 1350mm in width.

The wood Mokuba uses is selected from sources around the world, ranging from Yamesugi in Fukuoka, theirhometown to wood from Africa, South America, and Europe.This wood, friendly to forests and local communities, is managed in a sustainable way.  In forests, which are managed in a sustainable way, reforestation is implemented correctly and trees can be cut with less carbon emissions.  To avoid any waste, theyuse vintage wood and wood scrapsalso to produce or products. At Mokuba, wood, with the magical touch of craftsmen, is reborn in the shape of new furniture to bring happiness.