Aisijia flooring has been sticking to the brand philosophy of being innovative, aesthetic and healthy.  Refining the product value of “science and technology, art and health” and following the five development concepts of “ innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”.  img_20180409_100452684_hdr_280% of the core R & D team members own doctor and master degrees, some of them are Chinese overseas flooring experts with products covering SPC, WPC, V-SPC etc.  For the time being, we have successfully developed more than 10 new varieties of products with hundreds of different kinds of flooring colors. Besides, we own more than 10 patents of independent intellectual property rights and undertake more than 20 national technical reforming projects.  And now we are devoting to build an integrated business model of R&D, production and sales.
We export our products to more than 20 countries and regions in the world, and the United States, being as one of our largest demanding country.  The development concept of our enterprise is “ Integrity, Service, Brand, Quality” and the target is to build a great flooring business with all cooperators.



img_20180409_101247296_hdr_2Anji Weilong Machinery Co. Ltd. 


Anji Weilong Machinery Co. Ltd.  Since establish, adhering “ To the quality of survival, To service development”  as the tenet of enterprise.  We know the only way to enhance client’s competitiveness is to improve the technology of machine. We are introducing overseas advanced technology and having a group of quality scientific and technological personal and well-trained skilled workers.  To ensure the parameter and quality of machine could be equal to the same kind product in foreign developing countries.
Our Main product is Double-end Tenoner series, Crawler double end tenoner machine, CNC solid wood band-sawing feeding machine, wood house tenoning machine.  They have many kinds of type to choose for processing different length material.  Weilong is to produce machines with a single-mind, profession and fine details.  Supply high-quality equipment and good after service to customers.  Thanks for the trust and support from our new and old clients.



Wooden Floorings


Cesare Berti was born in Villa del Conte, in the Padua Province. When he was only twelve he was already at work as an apprentice carpenter. He branched out on his own and started a small carpentry workshop.
Cesare Berti and the sons Giancarlo e Silvano established the “P.B. Parchettificio Berti”, which since the beginning counts over 100 employees. It’s the first company to employ the computerized lines for the choice of the parquet.
The name of company was changed to “Berti Pavimenti Legno”, The modern technology ensures works of extraordinary prestige, as some floors of the Kremlin Palace and the Windsor Castle.
The Berti Group is one of the main realities in the national and international panorama of the very valuable wooden floor. The line of business of the Group provides for the integration of two different cornerstones; the productive structure from one side, the distribution and the sale through a network of shops from the other side. For almost eighty years the wood, the absolute raw material of its art, marks the history of Berti.



img_20180321_123556649_hdr_2Dalian Shengyu Science and Technology
Parquet flooring


Dalian Shengyu Science and Technology Development was established in 2000, and located in the beautiful coastal city, Dalian.  We select popular elements from all over the world, extract the essence of wood, and have molded a series of international styles.  Our products are exported to ‘Europe, America, Japan, Australia, Canada and other countries.  It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work.  Adhering to European precision manufacturing technology.  We have introduced advanced production equipment from Germany, Japan, Taiwan and the domestic suppliers.
‘Dalain Shengyu Science and Technology Development Co, Ltd. is committed to provide the high quality products to our clients, which is supported by our advanced concepts, management, new technology, and perfect service.  Being remarkable, being reputable is our persistent goal.  We look forward to working with you hand in hand and striving to create a comfortable, elegant and different household life.



img_20180321_150841679_hdr_2Floating among the woods
Resin embedded panels


Flooring and displaying: if you are looking for something new, different and beautiful, as well practical and functional, this coolboard is the perfect material to level up your design.  Use as flooring or displaying, adding some LED lights shining though, you’ Il be amazed by the sensational visual effect.  Customized sizes and combinations are available.
According to clients’ requirement, this board can be customized to different sizes, thickness and colors.  Our special surface treatment techniques can guarantee the surface hardness and overall strength meet the industrial standards.  Options are available to combine with all furniture materials like metal, plastic, wood, etc.
We welcome new ideas and designs.  We are looking forward to working with interior and industrial designers, to create and develop beautiful products with this new material.



img_20180321_095610023_hdrGround Contro    
Engineered flooring


Founded in 2005, Jiashan On-line Lumber Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for all kinds of multi-layer engineered flooring. Our history can be traced back to 1999 when we built plywood factory in Jisahan and focus on the plywood technology, which is very important for multi-layer engineered flooring.
As factory, we accumulate lots of experiences step by step that help us control high quality floors best. We have more than 400,000 SQM of all kinds of lamellas in our stock, which can guarantee the customer’s different requirement and regular shipments.
Our floors sell to more than 35 countries world wide, such as European countries, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Israel, etc. In the future, we are focus on develop U.S.A. market and looking for partner. Our professional team develops more than 20 new colors every year.
All in all, welcome to visit our factory and you’ll find is a good choice!



img_20180409_110636056_hdr_2INAN AOL CNC EQUIPMENT CO. LTD.        
Laser cutting machines


AOL is a famous CNC equipment factory located in Jinan, Shandong.  AOL mainly produces Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Marking Machine, Advertisement CNC Router, Marble CNC Router and CNC woodworking Machine etc.  We as a high-tech enterprise, engaged in research, manufacture and sell the laser machine, CNC router and relevant advertisement products.
AOL has gained CE certificate, FDA and ISO certificate. Company successfully produces AOL series products of more than 50 sorts, which enjoy good reputation and support.  Excellent quality and fast service makes our products spread all over the world as Europe, America, Middle East and South of Asia.



img_20180409_111602943_hdrPERGO WOOD PARQUET
The modern look of wood flooring


A modern floor needs that withstand modern life.  So we make sure that our floors have a protective surface that protects as well as highlights the natural look. Add to that the Perfect Fold 3.0 click system that allows long planks to be installed by a single person-another Pergo innovation that makes a real difference.
Like any Pergo floor, our new wood collection is designed for maximum durability. Whether you choose an oiled or lacquered floor, the new Pergo wood floors are designed to allow the natural character of wood to really shine through.
Choosing surface protection for a wood floor used to be a choice between look and functionality. But thanks to a new extra matt lacquer we can now offer the look of an oiled floor, but with the easy maintenance and protection of lacquer. The floor is treated with no fewer than seven layers of protective lacquer, resulting in the uniquely matt look of an oiled or even untreated wood floor.
The all-new Pergo wood floors come in the long plank format, in one impressively long version. A long plank helps make your room look more spacious and lends a stylish, contemporary feel to the whole interior. And now Pergo goes wider and longer than ever before. Or longest planks are 220 cm long and 22 cm wide- a view that, quite simply, has to be experienced.
Despite the long planks, our new wood floors are as easy as ever to install. Thanks to the Perfect-Fold 3.0click system, planks can be installed by a single person.



img_20180409_103039535_hdr_2LED OIL   
Finishing Oils


American Wood Oil LED Oil is high-quality finishing oil with unique characteristics. The Oil consists of a special mixture of oils, waxes resins and additives. As a result, American Wood Oil Led Oil is the first ever that instantly hardens and completely dries when exposed to LED lighting. The floor has an optimal load-bearing capacity immediately after treatment! Since American Wood Oil LED Oil is highly wear-resistant it is suitable for use in all areas and particularly suited for project-based use. The waxes provide a microscopically thin layer that protects the wood. This makes the floor less susceptible to wear.
Using the revolutionary American Wood Oil LED Oil leads to a superb end result. The impact on the environment is minimal and you save an incredible amount in expenditure. With LED technology you use 60% less energy than with traditional UV Lamps. Expensive extraction systems are unnecessary because these lamps do not release any harmful ozone. In addition, LED light bulbs have an incredibly long service life and they generate virtually no heat, which both have a range of associated production advantages. American Wood Oil LED Oil offers great advantages in terms of production, the environment as well as finance.



img_20180409_111237489_hdr_2MAGNE BUILD
Under layer bonding for flooring


MagneBuild™ is the flooring specific building solution utilizing magnetic technology.  It is not only innovative, but also addresses key flooring concerns including the need for adhesive bonds and seaming.
The MagneBuild™ System works across all flooring categories, giving the end user the ability to change from an LVT product, to a ceramic tile, to a carpet tile, to a hardwood floor, using the original magnetic underlayment! Keep in mind, there would be no floor prep necessary on a second or third install.
Aside from the ease of use, the interchangeability, and the aesthetic flexibility associated with the MagneBuild™ System, another valuable benefit, especially to a commercial environment, is the quantified time savings that it provides.  Initial installations may require floor prep, of course, but future changes of floor covering at the same location using the magnetic foundation is where significant time savings would be realized. This will have great impact in commercial settings where down –time is a critical factor: hospitality, health-care, senior living, retail environments, restaurants, educational facilities, casinos- just to name a few.



Digital printed floorings


Everything Grows and so does Versatility. Innomaster believes that an enterprise should not just be a commercial organization, but also a social organization for improving human civilization as well. Everyone should have the right to pursue happiness, and a business corporation should be an organization for creating better things in life, and not just making products that are without souls.
Innomaster implants the souls of versatility into the essence of product-mix culture. Through our original and elegant Italian graphic designs, our digital printing technology leads us to think further than the unthinkable and takes us into a world of boundless possibilities.
Our insistence on luxury goes beyond luxury, and our persistence in individuality sets us apart from the rest. Innomaster regains the creative design and craftsmanship sprint in the flooring industry. And leads the field in developing beautiful products, and in satisfying the unique needs and desires of every customer.
Immomaster is having Original Italian design. Our Design Center in Italy utilizes highly professional photographic equipment with up to one hundred sixty millions (1,600.000) pixels to do the photo imaging. Thus we are able to retain in colorful details all the original grain patterns and textures of the wood.



img_20180409_104352023_hdr_2QINGDAO DAWNSUN GREAT MACHINERY   
Veneer slicing machine


We are the professional production of floor substrates and laminated board manufacturer.
Having strong efforts on mechanical skills, stable and reliable quality, our company have devoted ourselves to research and produce a series of lengthways veneer slicers.  We have solved such technical problem as back cracking and contamination, which affected veneer quality greatly before.  The success of our series of products has made up for the blankness in this field in china.  Cited as one of the state 11’th Five-Year Scientific Development Plans, we also participated in making the product industry standards.   Additionally, we have more than decades of production experiences in producing various sizes of knife grinders, used widely in wood processing and paper making industries.
Our company has provincial enterprise technology center and large woodworking technology research center.  We are Shandong High Technology Enterprise, have passed through ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification.



img_20180409_105432798_hdr_2SCANDI FLOORING    
Wooden floorings 


SCANDI FLOOR wood flooring products embraces the best traditions of Scandinavian woodworkers, which involves love of nature, patience, aspiration to achieve the highest quality and most consistent product possible.  Brand originates from family wood processing and manufacturing traditions that have been passed down through two generations.
SCANDI FLOOR brand combines the best old traditions with the latest technological advancements.  The expertise and the achievements in mechanical engineering, tool making, painting varnishing and technology of adhesive materials are being accumulated within our company and used in our daily practices. Scandinavian design is characterized by purity, unity, simplicity and implies the use of natural materials with focus on light and nature.
Scandinavian nature has always been an excellent inspiration for fashion, art and interior design.  Nothing like natural wood floor warmness will complement any home décor. Finished in a great array of colors of nature featuring smooth contours and playful accent colors or with a light finishing touch this collection represents the great balance of engineered and organic materials.



Thin-Cutting Horizontal Band Resaw

Hoon Hsiang each machine will provide various performance that meets rigorous requirements for all types of band sawing operations. Quality constructed throughout to assure high performance after years of operation. The rugged construction of the machine frame gives maximum stability when performing heavy-duty cutting. Dynamically saw wheels provide extremely smooth running. All parts are precision machined, combined with fine crafts.




img_20180409_101925418_hdr_2 Shanghai Mingke
Steel belts for Press


Shanghai Mingke Process Systems Co. Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing & supplying high strength steel Belts & isobaric type Double Belt Presses. Mingke steel belts consist of imported top quality steel material in combination with European belt technology and knowhow. Our steel belts are applicable for various industries, such as: Wood Based Panel Industry (double belt press & Mende lines), Chemical Industry (single / double belt flaker & pastillator), Rubber Industry (drum vulcanizer – Rotocure), Food Industry (tunnel type bakery oven & IQF conveyor), etc.
Our steel belt services contain Longitudinal Welding, Cross Welding, Surface Grinding, Welding Area Treatment, Levelling, Edge Trimming, Crack & Bump Repairing, Disc Patching, Shot Peening, V-rope Bonding, Perforating, etc. Mingke independently R&D manufactured Double Belt Press is the first set of isobaric type press made by China.
Steel belt for Woodworking industry requires higher tensile strength, hardness and better surface toughness and thermal conductivity. Furthermore, the surface must be uniform and the thickness tolerance must be small, and also the straightness and flatness must be high. Mingke company offer a considerable amount of Woodworking steel belts for continuous rolling line presses, its stable operation quality, good after-sale service and cost-effective make Mingke a good reputation in this field.



img_20180409_103540932_hdr_2Innovations 4 Flooring
Drop Lock system


14F is a high-tech company focused on the development of patents and flooring installation-locking solutions. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the global flooring industry through freedom of choice and game changing innovations offered at a reasonable fee compared to the total manufacturing cost price of products.
14F is the original creator and provider of a truly innovative one piece drop-lock solution, protected by a sound international patent portfolio. Based on a threefold locking mechanism, 14F’Ssystem is suitable for all materials including luxury vinyl tiles, rigid core flooring (RCF), multi-layer flooring (MLF), laminate and wooden flooring panels.
The 14F team consists of highly experienced international flooring industry professionals with backgrounds in leading global flooring companies as well as in the areas of R & D and patent processes.
“Our one piece drop-lock system, is fast becoming the industry standard as it offers a quicker, more cost-effective way to manufacture drop-lock solutions in a sustainable way and installation is so easy, anyone can do it!”



img_20180409_100116977_hdr_2Unikolegno floors
Wooden Floorings


Discover the magic of wood, an extraordinary gift of nature to furnish the home in a way that is unique and full of charm. The magnificent elegance of the grain, the exquisite detail of the knots and finishes, the warm and embracing colours of the different wood types create an emotion that is always fresh, able to renew itself day by day.
The fine quality of the natural raw materials combined with most sophisticated working processes and the most modern technologies create wonderful Unikolegno floors, a symbol of exceptional aesthetic value. Designed and made entirely in Italy with due regard for the environment, these are masterpieces of reliability, design, style and practicality. The study two or three-layer real wood structure and the perfect finishes ensure total stability and beauty designed to last and increase over time. A combination of exclusive models, noble essences, fashionable colours and refined treatments produces exquisite wood floors that can be fully customized. Over 600 finishes give the utmost freedom of choice, to make the most of the properties of the different wood types.