Furniture & Fittings Skill Council (FFSC) conducted the Regional Selections (South and North Zone) for the WorldSkills Competition in the trade of Cabinet Making.  The competitions were conducted in New Delhi and Calicut with the support of Industry partners Caple Industrial Solutions and Zamorianz furniture consortium respectively.
The candidates had registered online through the IndiaSkills portal and the total application received were 60 from South Zone and 15 from North Zone. Following the age criteria as per the WorldSkills competition, the final applicants were less than 20 years of age. FFSC had to shortlist 4 candidates from each zone so that 8 candidates will move forward to the national level selections to be held in November, 2016.


furniture-fittings-skill-council-5Competition Schedule
Theory Exam: The candidates were given a set of objective type questions which tested their domain knowledge in Carpentry and the process involved in Cabinet Making. The questions varied from basic measurement to process oriented calculations involved in preparing a standard test project.


Power Tools Demonstration: After the theory exam, the candidates attended a power tool demonstration of Festool which was organised by Caple Industrial Solutions. The main purpose of this session was to familiarise the candidates with the modern power tools which will be used in the National competition as well as WorldSkills Abu Dhabi – 2017.
Further FFSC has initiated the development of 40 Stand-alone centres across the country which will be equipped with the modern power tools and cater to the training of conventional as well as modern techniques of furniture making. The candidates were informed about the various training courses offered by FFSC and the process of enrolment.


New Delhi:
•   Mode of Paper: Hindi
•   8 candidates were shortlisted out of
15 who would move on to the practical
sessions over the next two days.


•   Mode of Paper: English
•   7 candidates were shortlisted out of
60 who would move on to the practical sessions over the next two days.
•   The demonstration session was extended by 4 hours due to the level of interest shown by the candidates. The candidates obtained hands on experience and used the power tools themselves to understand the level of precision which could be attained using modern equipment.


furniture-fittings-skill-council-4Practical Sessions: The candidates were given a Test Project based on the WorldSkills format which was to be implemented in a total time of 16 hours split into two days. The Test Project was a cabinet containing two drawers and shutters which consisted of various joints and fittings to test the skill level of the candidates. The marking scheme was based on the precision of measurement, joinery, process, tool usage and the duration of the project execution.


New Delhi:
•   The practical session was extended by one more day so that the candidates could finish the test project. 4 candidates were shortlisted to proceed to the national selections.
•   Students from Nandnagari ITI and their Principal attended the practical sessions and motivated the participants.
• Representatives from Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) attended the sessions and appreciated the effort of the candidates and the Skill Management Team from FFSC and Caple.


•  The candidates used Festool power tools to implement the test project with 4 candidates qualifying for the National selections.
•  The competition was covered by print media like Mathrabhumi which boosted the importance of the event among the local skilling ecosystem.
•  FFSC received a request to train all the trainers of the various ITIs in Kerala which run the Carpentry course.
• FFSC also received a request to showcase a live demonstration of skilling during the Rising Kerala Fest which will be held from 9-11 December at Calicut.


The 8 finalists will undergo rigorous training in the first Iconic Training centre of FFSC, Hettich Poddar Woodworking Institute in New Delhi. The national selections will be conducted during the ACETECH 2016 exhibition to be held in Mumbai from 10-13th November, 2016.


Contributed By:  Shrikanth Sasi, Manager Task-Forces,