Software for Furniture Manufacturing


In India we see that experienced staff persons at interior designing firms or at furniture factories usually manually do the designing work, and making the bills of material, costing and cutting lists are the operations takencare by different persons. This arrangement not only takes longer time but also there are chances of miscalculations.
The modern software for woodworking can take care from planning stage.


It can be used to help the customers to select the furniture design by showing them first the 3D designs, as next step it can select the raw material , consumables, accessories required, then it can calculate the costs and cutting lists and simultaneously it can make the final bill of material.  It can also lso get the exact time that will be taken to complete the operation at the click of the button.


Software for Furniture and Woodworking industry assures the flexibility, faster working, accurate designing & optimization.There are different type of software that are suitable for panel processing and solid wood processing. The software can optimize the raw material available to get higher utilization. And can be customized as per the requirement of product and the end user. The software can also be linked to the CNC machines to follow the operations as per the working cycle. We at Modern Woodwork are pleased to present a special focus article which provides glimpses of advanced software provided by renowned Companies that perform a various functions seamlessly.



imos-logo-1Software for Woodworking



Imos, the Herford Software house is continuously developing its software products for furni-ture industry in accordance with the current motto “inspire & produce”. It especially concen-trates on the entire process, from the end customer to the industrial machine for industry and trades.
The recently launched  imos iX is today far more than a CAD/CAM system. imos iX is a com-plete solution for the sale and manufacturing of furniture and equipment in the area of net-worked production and industry 4.0.
Originally from the CAD/CAM sector, imos AG is developing additional sales solutions for industry and trades. The 3D product data models generated in the design process, including the parameters, are directly transferred to the sales catalog with their characteristics and thus made available to the offered desktop or online planning solutions. Depending on the configuration, the modules are suitable for B2B or B2C business models. With imos iX, imos AG is taking a further step and is offering solutions along the “Customer Journey”. End users and planners work together on ideas that can be exchanged online and thus gradually lead to solutions. Different applications communicate with the same planning result, but allow dif-ferent editing possibilities.



Software for furniture design and interior fitting


homagEasy.Efficient.Impressive.3D design and production forfurniture and interior fitting
Ever shorter delivery times? Increasingly individualized requests? With the woodCAD|CAM 3D software, you can stay flexible and deliver your customers the high quality they demand. Because a software solution can best support your work when it covers everything: Planning and presentation, design and manufacture. It must allow changes at any time, in order to react to new requirements during the process. Based on proven CAD|CAM technology, you can achieve a work preparation time saving of up to 70% with woodCAD|CAM.


Where data and ideas flow.woodCAD|CAM, the best 3D software for interior fitting
Innovative technology has long depended on traditional craft. Most operations would not be competitive if therewere no connection between concept, planning and finished product. woodCAD|CAM offers you exactly the flexibility you need to implement customer requirements quickly and individually, at high quality and excellent value. Whether you need to supply a single part, build an entire house or produce large quantities of parts as a large business, the right software puts you in the position to make it happen.


Perfection can be programmed. No matter how big your company or business is, with woodCAD|CAM from HOMAG, it is easy to optimize your business processes. From the first sketches to the final product, from the calculations to the offer and from the design to the CNC data generation: With woodCAD|CAM, you can optimize your work preparation processes. The benefits for you: Efficiency and safety in order processing and production. At the click of a mouse, the parts list data is transferred to the Cut Ritecutting optimization system, and CNC programs are automatically generated for your HOMAG machines. woodCAD|CAMespecially supports the production of furniture designs based on platematerials, including in the fields of kitchen, bathroom, living, office, interior fitting and shop fitting. woodCAD|CAM understands yourcraft. The software even supports you in winning the order. Not only can you design individual pieces of furniture or entire rooms quickly, you can present and calculate them at just the samepace. Changes are possible at anytime, including updating the offer prices. In the design phase, you add more planning detail, then the design data is automatically prepared for production and sent to the machines.
homag01Ideal for industry. Do you produce many different variants? Do a large amount of custom designing? Then woodCAD|CAM is perfect for you. The system core is SQL database-oriented. The advantage is that design data and parts lists can easilybe transferred to down stream systems. As a result, ERP systems and production controllers are well supplied.



pytha-logoFrom concept to completion PYTHA 3D CAD is one of the leading 3D CAD systems for:



pytha pytha2

•  Wood Working   •  Furniture Design   
•  Commercial Joinery   •  Cabinet Maker  
•  High End Kitchen   •  Exhibition Planning
•  Stage/Event Design   •  Interior Design   •  Shop Design


From planning to presentation and production, PYTHA 3D CAD has unprecedented flexibility that delivers excellent results every time. With the highly intuitive user interface, our clients learn how to operate the system in short time frames. Our clients learn how to operate PYTHA with ease and at their own pace. Experience the competitive advantage our clients enjoy, when using PYTHA 3D CAD!
PYTHA: made in Germany



Alphacam and Cabinet Vision


Alphacam and Cabinet Vision are world leaders in CAD/CAM software with a proven track record of reliable product delivery within the woodworking industries.


Alphacam Router is a full-featured, easy-to-use CAM solution for manufacturers wanting fast, efficient toolpaths and the generation of reliable, machine ready CNC code. Tooling and machining techniques unique to the woodworking industry are fully supported by Alphacam’s dedicated Router modules.


Alphacam Art the easiest way to go from a 2D drawing or sketch to high quality 3D low relief and CNC toolpaths. Designing and machining 3D projects such as fantastic signs, beautiful custom furniture or decorative carvings with Alphacam Art couldn’t be easier.


Cabinet Vision is the most widely used design-for-manufacturing software capable of custom cabinet and room design, photo realistic renderings, material optimization, bidding and costing, and cut-lists and bill of materials. Combined with the powerful Cabinet Vision Screen-to-Machine™ (S2M) Center, it can automatically create machine-ready G-Code for CNC flat table routers, point-to-point machines, panel saws, drill and dowel machines, chop saws and other specialized CNC machinery.


Cabinet Vision helps enable any furniture, woodworking or kitchen cabinet manufacturer to fully automate and integrate its design through manufacturing processes, saving time, eliminating costly mistakes and increasing productivity.