Readers of Modern Woodwork are buyers of…




Furniture Accessories:

These are used to enhance the beauty of the wood product like crystals, inlays, wood moldings, furniture legs, handles etc.





Woodworking Machinery:

Including primary & secondary woodworking machines to process timber-Panels accurately & Machinery for Industrial & professional production.





Furniture Hardware:

For smooth & long life working of the furniture. These offer very good aesthetics and ergonomics. These also enhance the utility of the furniture.





Edge bandings:

Various types of edges including solid wooden edges, veneer, Paper PVC, Acrylic, ABS, digital printed, and Pre Glued etc.





Furniture Components:

Including semi finished parts, moldings, picture frames, carving panels, turned poles, turned table legs, chair components etc.





Furniture Raw Material:

This includes MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) Chip Board, Timber, Lumber, Plywood, Block Board, Veneers, Hardwood, Softwood etc.





Portable Tools:

Used for reducing manual work, achieve uniformity in the work pieces, avoiding marking and various types of joinery.




Glues & Adhesives

To be used in wood joinery to joint wooden parts, veneers pressing, edge banding, HPL and PVC film pressing etc.





Cutters & Tools:

These include molding cutter –Blocks, Saw Blades, Scoring blades, Router bits, boring bits, CNC tooling, throw away tips etc.





Paints & Finishes:

Various types of finishes including various stains, Lacquers, Polyurethanes, Polyesters resins, Acrylic paints and Water based non toxic paints etc.


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