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Sauerland Spanplatte Germany, world’s largest component supplier to the door industry has partnered with several door manufacturers in India to provide you a dual performance Door-set. Keep the noise out on daily basis and provide passive fire protection for 60 minutes for the main door in case of any fire accident. What a big advantage to the home owner. A Win Win situation!!! Ever thought to expect such features from the door?


Sauerland Spanplatte with their vast experience of more than six decades and spanning exports to 90 countries have been active in the Indian door industry since 2008. They have introduced the ecofriendly tubular core option to timber infill successfully. Last year more than 8 lakh doors were made in India using the tubular boards technology.
But the door constructions are still primitive. The basic purpose of the door is to provide privacy… Privacy of Sight and Privacy of Sound. Our present door systems provide privacy of Sight only and door miserably fails to provide the Privacy of Sound.


sauerland-fire-resistantThis is very serious matter which needs correction by builders and architects to recognize this aspect. Sauerland have up scaled the technology for the Indian door industry to introduce Fire protection cum Acoustic doors with cores in several configurations and options for up to 44 dBs sound reduction and fire rating up to 60 minutes.


The door sets need to be provided with perimeter seals and drop seals for achieving the privacy of Sound.
Sauerland cores when used in a main door with their acoustic and fire properties provide sound reduction of 34dB and act as a fire containment door for 60 minutes without using any inorganic aterial like Gypsum board, Cement board or Calcium Silicate or Fiberglass to achieve 60 minutes fire rating as per BS 476: Part 22: 1987 or as per IS 3614 Part 2 (1992).


The Acoustical features benefit on daily basis by keeping out or keeping in the sounds, restricting the noise pollution to a great extent whereas the fire performance of a door set is a passive protection in case of an eventuality or an accident.


Now Door manufacturers in India can offer the builders and architects a triple acting door set which provides sound proofing and much necessary fire protection of 60 minutes clubbed with smoke containment technology.
Sauerland Cores are having very low formaldehyde level of E1, which means they are safe for internal use in residential buildings.


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