Sleek Boards Marketing Services has successfully introduced world class accessories from Athmer Sealing Systems necessary for optimum performance of a door in the Indian Subcontient Markets.


Athmer Seals help in achieving the key functionality of a door by bettering the Privacy of Sound function that every type of door should provide.


Athmer is a world renowned company, producing automatic door seals and perimeter seals for more than 60 years.
Athmer offers the right solution for practically every type of application – both new builds and renovation projects. The automatic door seals from Athmer support the principles of sustainable and energyefficient building.


Advantages of Athmer Drop Down & Perimeter seals:

  • Noise Pollution Reduction – Doors with Athmer Seals prevent noise from penetrating from the outside to the inside or vice-versa.
  • Smoke Proof – Special sealing profiles made of smoke-resistant materials enhance safety.
  • Moisture Proof – Doors with automatic drop seal can isolate moisture, and make indoor more comfortable.
  • Draught-free – Well-sealed doors reduce air draught in the room. This creates a more comfortable room climate and increases the personal well-being!
  • Energy Saving – Thanks to well-sealed doors, less energy is needed for cooling in summer and less energy is needed for heating in winter.
  • Protection from insects – The sealing of the gaps of the door provides effective protection against the penetration of insects from door gaps.
  • Fire Proof – Special sealing profiles made of smoke-resistant and fire-retardant materials enhance safety.
  • Radiation protection – Specially developed for radiographic rooms in hospitals and medical practices. Athmer radiation protection seals help to reduce the radiation level.


Athmer’s extensive range of automatic drop down seals guarantees a drop seal for every type of door, be it an Aluminium, PVC or Wooden door clubbed with various perimeter seals.


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The Indian door industry is maturing with more and more engineering orientation. It would be a good time to introduce the real door sets as they are available in other developing and developed economies of the world.


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