Living rooms and work spaces are more unique than ever before. The expectation of functionality and comfort in furniture, furnishings and homes is steadily growing. The design of Interior lighting concepts thus plays a key role today; it dictates the mood and ambience of a room and thereby determines the quality of the overall design space.


We at Häfele, put the important element of light planning at the center of a comprehensive collection of ideas. The practical, aesthetic and emotional aspects of lighting ensure that the proposed concepts contribute to the unique and flexible room design – in residential, commercial, office and display settings as well as in hotels and recreational spaces. The effortless yet uniquely crafted designs speak utmost of the change these lighting solutions can bring to the entire ambience.


Häfele’s range of lighting solutions houses a comprehensive range of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) fittings that can be fixed in diverse applications and provide unique and long-lasting benefits.


From decorative lights that add the much needed zing and drama to enhance furniture and design objects to plush ceiling downlights that add a dimension of style and aesthetics to match the individualist grace of your interiors, Häfele offers lighting solutions for every occasion and space.


As Häfele moves towards catering a more customer centric market, we realise that mere technological advances won’t suffice. Customising and expanding our range to bring in flexibility ease and reliability is our 360˚ answer for providing a ‘wow’ solution to our customers. Häfele understands the needs of its customers and has put-together some contemporary lighting concepts (mentioned below are a few examples) tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of individual projects and their users.


Dimming System with Compatible LED Drivers:
With the acute space crunch faced currently, it has become necessary to use some rooms for multiple purposes. For e.g. a study room can double up as a mini theatre or the living room can be used as a lounge during a party celebration. These functions require varying amounts and brightness of lights. Häfele’s LED Dimming System compatible with Häfele’s Loox 12 V and 24 V drivers is just the answer for such requirements. Häfele’s dimmer consists of four channels and enables you to adjust the light levels, of each channel individually, from nearly dark to fully lit with the help of Häfele’s wireless remote controller.


New Ceiling Downlights:
Ceiling lights can enhance and complement the traditional walls of your homes effectively; they create an individualistic aura in your personal space. Häfele’s new range of ceiling downlights adds the much needed taste and style to your homes. You can set your home ambience to your required mood and tempo with our versatile range of ceiling lights. The sleek design of our ceiling lights will enhance the interior décor while the soothing light would make the experience pleasurable. Häfele’s ceiling downlights are backed by a strong value proposition and cater to varying output needs starting from 5 Watts and going up to 30 Watts, depending on the type of application and the interior space they need to be installed within. What’s more is that these downlights come with an in-built dimmable feature providing you the convenience of setting the right illumination for your interiors as per the required mood and tempo. The Ceiling lights come with the inherent benefits of LEDs such as durability, energy conservation and no emissions of harmful UV radiation. Häfele’s new range of ceiling downlights includes the following series:


LUNCINA’D – Anti-glare down lights. VEGA – Exceptionally slim focused downlights.
POLLUX – Elegant downlights with a slim edge for increased light output, ALTAIR – Light and durable downlights especially suited for installation in residential projects. ZOOM – Recessed adjustable focused downlights with tilt-able option.


Linear Lighting Solutions:
In order to provide you with holistic furniture solutions, Häfele’s range of Light fittings also includes an exclusive category of aluminium profiles to mount the LED strip Lights. These Aluminium profiles are available in two installation options – recessed (straight and angled) as well as surface mounted. Depending on the type of application (along a piece of furniture or bordering a false ceiling), you can opt for a flushed look with our recessed profiles or flaunt the sleek elegance of our surface-mounted profiles. Available in attractive finishes like milky white or frosted, these profiles are aesthetically pleasing and yet functionally beneficial for any given application.


Häfele range of Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights and Decorative LED Wall lights helps you enhance the beauty of nature in your balconies, terrace, garden or simply wherever you want. Enjoy chromotherapy whilst it rains in your balcony or lighten up your mood listening to soft music in your garden with Häfele’s range of lighting solutions for exterior application.


Häfele’s wide range of strip lights is IP 68 protected which makes them dust proof and enables them to withstand water immersion up to a depth of 1 meter. They are available in colours like warm white (2700K and 3200K), cool white (6400 K), blue and red. Häfele even houses a range of waterproof flexible LED strip lights in RGB where you can choose from over 16 million colour options.


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