Working with currently available building materials is very time and labour intensive process,involving a lot of wastage and mess. In addition, unskilled labour and unpredictable weather conditions make it difficult to achieve good results on site.

The answer to all these problems is Zykron Fibre Cement Boards & Plank from CenturyPly. Far superior to conventional building materials, these ready-to-install products have a great finish and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Zykron contains Fibre Cement composite material that is made by combining cement & cellulose fibres giving Zykron a unique finish, making it the ideal choice for lot of uses. With high strength &unparalleled durability, Zykron is the perfect choice for all your indoor and outdoor construction needs.


Zykron exterior application

Advantages that make them superior to conventional building materials:
Made using an eco-friendly manufacturing process, Can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, High density compact structure, Extremely durable and strong, Can tolerate wide variety of weather conditions, Easy workability – fast and convenient installation, Water resistant, Immune to termites and other pests, Shatter resistant, Fire retardant properties, Can be painted with water-soluble paint.

When it comes to applications, Zykron has limitless use in both interior and exterior purposes. This translates to huge savings on time, money and labour costs. As an additional advantage, you have to purchase one product from a single place. Plus, Zykron can be easily stored at site, does not need special care and tools to work.

Applications of Zykron:
Exterior, Interior Walls, Partitions, Panelling, Flooring, Base for Roofing, Ceilings, Ceiling Borders, Eaves, Soffits, Tile Substrates, Underlay, Kitchen Counters, Backsplashes, Floor Skirting, Pre-fabricated Structures, External Cladding, Decorative Fences, Wall Cladding, Gate Cladding.

With these advantages, there is simply no excuse not to use Zykron for all your construction needs. Start working with Zykron today!