Fevicol Membrane Press adhesive LC is a water based adhesive specially designed for application in PVC moulded doors. Its unique formulation ensures high green tack resulting in strong bond strength on difficult substrates. The product does not release any harmful emission and is safe for users with no adverse effect on the environment.
The product can be easily applied using an air compressed spray gun. Its distinctive features gives excellent uniform spray pattern ensuring effective deposition on the substrate resulting in higher coverage. The water based formulation helps ease of cleaning of spray gun by using tap water.
Fevicol Membrane Press adhesive LC is recommended to be used along with 5% Fevicol Membrane Press hardener to get improved heat and water resistance. Excellent compatibility with the hardener achieves long pot life hence giving working time flexibility to the user. This product gives bonding of PVC to most of the wood substrates like MDF, Particle board, etc.

1) Water based product having a low VOC hence a green product.
2) No thinner needs to be added which is a requirement in solvent based solutions.
3) Pot life 3 – 4 hrs after hardener addition.
4) Higher coverage of 6 – 7 doors compared to 4-5 doors in solvent based system.
5) No choking and blocking of nozzle orifice unlike solvent based adhesive.
6) Spray gun can be cleaned with normal water, no solvents, thinners required.
7) Excellent heat and water resistance
8) No volatile losses.