Ovens have a special place in our hearts. It’s where meats and veggies cuddle up together to become comfort food. It’s where delectable treats lovingly appear. A great oven can take your dish from good to amazing. Häfele presents you an exclusive range of ASKO Pro Series™ ovens that are designed to do just that – deliver nothing less than a perfect cooking result.

The comprehensive new range of ovens speaks a unique design language through its understated elegance, high-quality craftsmanship and natural materials. They are designed to harmonise and align perfectly with each other.

Inspired by traditional wood-fired ovens, all Pro Series™ ovens have a distinct vaulted ceiling in the cavity to provide a more efficient circulation and an even distribution of heat. This means no more partially cooked chicken or half-raw cupcakes!

Additionally, with the new intelligent TFT interface, the ovens not only bake your dishes but also help you through the entire cooking process. When it comes to oven control interface, you have a choice between the easy-to-use and operate control knob and the modern TFT touch screen. You can’t go wrong either way – both are simple and intuitive to use!

With super large volumes of 74 litres (in a standard size of 60 cm x 60 cm), the ovens from the Pro Series™ range are some of the most spacious on the market. The 4-Glass Ultra Cool door provides the highest level of heat insulation within the oven which ensures virtually no heat loss during the cooking cycle and is extremely safe.

People are talking about combination cooking these days, where fan-forced convection is further complemented by steaming, grilling and microwave cooking. The ASKO Pro Series™ oven range includes the combi-steam and combi-microwave models to offer you full flexibility in your cooking. They come with a capacity of 51L (one of the highest in its class in a compact size of 45 cm x 60 cm). Finally you can defrost your chicken, combine traditional convection with steam cooking and even finish with a short grill all in the same place!