FINSA launches new Globally Popular Products in India which are most ideal for the Hospital Furniture and Laboratory Furniture Industry.

FINSA introduces in India its Anti-Bacterial prelaminated particle boards and MDF in wide range of over 300 designs and decors, that keeps Hospital, Pathological laboratories, Clean Rooms as well as our home interior good, hygienic and germ-free. These laminate surfaces retard the growth of nearly 99% of common form of bacteria on any decorative surface, further adding a spectacular look to the overall décor. The Anti-Bacterial Laminate surface is produced permanently and does not have any shelf life or restricted performance period. There is a growing demand for products that prevent the development of germs, harmful to health and after an exhaustive research FINSA has developed the anti-bacterial prelaminated MDF and particleboards. These boards have been certified by IMSL; an UK lab well-known for their research in Industrial microbiological services. The tests have been carried out following the procedures as per Standard ISO-22190-2011.





These anti-bacterial prelaminated boards have been tested to provide great resistance against

  • Escherichia coli – which are known to cause diarrhoea and intestinal infections.
  • Staphylococcus Aureus – which are known to cause a large variety of diseases related to skin and respiratory infections including meningitis and pneumonia.



  • Laboratory


    HOSPITALS, HEALTHCARE, LABORATORIES and KINDERGARTEN FACILITIES: Usage of Anti-Bacterial Prelaminated MDF and Particleboards for furniture in hospitals; health care; Laboratories and Kindergarten centres reduces the contact with bacteria and viruses, thus giving everyone complete protection from bacterial growth.

  • RESTAURANTS; LOUNGES, RESTROOMS, STORAGE ROOMS: Furniture made of Anti-Bacterial Prelaminated MDF and Particleboards in high traffic areas reduces the risk of contamination and spreading of bacteria from one to another.
  • HOME FURNITURE & KITCHENS: Anti-Bacterial Prelaminated MDF and Particleboards in furniture at home keeps a family healthy all the time.

FINSA’s Anti-Bacterial Prelaminated MDF and Particleboards are available in thickness range 2.5 mm to 40 mm and size range to cater to all the requirement of the furniture industry.


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