The IndiaWood formed the starting point of a success story. Here the first meeting between Action Tesa, the major Indian conglomerate, and Siempelkamp, the technology leader in the production of innovative complete systems for the wood-based panel industry, took place.


In July 2016, Action Tesa ordered a forming and press line including the 8th Generation ContiRoll® and other components from Siempelkamp such as sifter, cooling and stacking system as well as large-capacity warehouse. In March 2018, the plant went into operation producing boards in a thickness range from 2 to 35 mm in a daily output of 650 m3. With this expansion Action Tesa becomes the biggest MDF manufacturer in India with an annual production capacity of 5,11,000 CBM thus leaving no stone unturned in retaining No. 1 position in Panel Industry.


The next complete plant for the production of medium-density fiberboard in India is already being planned: At the end of 2018, Siempelkamp will deliver the first plant components to the Indian wood-based panel producer Rushil Decor for the new plant in Atchutapuram in the state of Andhra Pradesh.


In this high-performance plant including the 8th Generation ContiRoll®, the renewable and climate-neutral raw materials eucalyptus and mango wood from over-aged crops are processed into high-quality fiberboards. Rushil Decor plans to substantially increase its production capacity of currently 3.5 million m² with this plant, which is scheduled to go into operation at the end of 2019. Rushil Decor, one of India’s largest manufacturers of engineered wood panels, is already exporting part of its production to 36 countries.