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‘Modern Woodwork’ is a familiar name to you, and to woodworking industry people in India and abroad. Since the year 1999, we fulfill a commitment to publish an issue every

quarter covering wide range of information and events.


Modern Woodwork makes complex woodworking techniques simple by presenting these in understandable and readable format.


That is why; circulation of Modern Woodwork has doubled every year.

We started in 1999 with mere 2,500 copies. And today we have reached a mark of printing 20000+ copies every quarter.


growth-chartCompliments by readers

We honestly appreciate your enthusiastic approaches to the readers, designers and entrepreneur to keep them update with your articulated and pragmatic design and information of to-days’ customers choice and need as well contained in the WOODWORK MAGAZINE.



At the same time we are thankful for your free supply of Magazine which has definite and positive impression which has compelled us to write to you with our feed-back. It is really a good academic with the latest record of available machineries and equipment required to cater tomorrows’ need.



Many thanks for the two copies of Modern Woodwork. I take this opportunity to congratulate you both and your team for the spectacular growth in the circulation of Modern Woodwork and for Modern Woodwork and for bringing its quality to international standard.



I am a regular reader of Modern Woodwork since 2001 and in this journey it has improved a lot. Once again thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to publish in your magazine….in fact not yours…..itsOUR MAGAZINE.





Your Publicity Partner For Indian Market


Quality of Circulation: Published since 1999, Modern Woodwork is Supporting Publication of major domestic Fairs since 2002. We are also Official publication of Indiawood /Delhiwood editions since 2006. We distribute, from our each Exhibition booth, a very large number of copies to Managing Directors & Marketing managers who are decision makers of prominent Woodworking Companies. Names & addresses of all these visitors are entered in our permanent mailing list.


Quantity of Distribution: If you take into account the circulation number[ 20000 copies every quarter], you will also note that no other magazine in India can give you such a wide reach.


Copies of Modern Woodwork reach by DIRECT MAIL: We deliver messages of our Advertisers directly o the desks of Furniture Manufacturers, Interior designers, Factory owners, production managers, wholesalers & importers of woodworking raw materials, as copies of Modern Woodwork are sent by DIRECT MAIL.


Reputed B2B Publication with High Level Technical articles: We publish high level technical information, collected from worldwide exhibitions and also contributed by our high profile advertisers. Managing Directors, Production Managers and company owners carry copies of our issues in their travel briefcases. So publicity in our magazine has a longer attention span as our magazine copies are retained as permanent reference guides.


Reaches all Metros, Tier two cities & far-flung areas: Modern Woodwork


[ India ] reaches the length & breadth of our vast country to access the target sectors of market which are most relevant to your Company. Only the largest circulating magazine like Modern Woodwork is able to reach the most prominent Companies based in Metros of India and also to two tier cities and remote villages.


Hence Modern Woodwork INDIA shall prove itself as perfect choice of Media for Indian as well as world wide Companies. Technical information coupled with your advertisements, published in regular issues of Modern Woodwork shall create the required awareness re: products of your esteemed Company on a very large scale.


Advertisement Tariff per Insertion / Per Issue*


Page Size & Location

US $



Full Page



Half Page



Quarter Page



Back Cover



Inside Front Cover



Inside Back Cover



Gatefold (Extended Cover: 2 Pages)

Price on request

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Price on request
First opening Page [ Page No 3]



Right Hand Pages [Pages 5/7/9/11/13]



Cover Page, Double spread

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Index Cutting with flap on Front



Index Cutting with flap on Back




We publish in February, May, August & November every year.

We Suggest you should advertise in all 4 issues of the year / or 6 issues at one go , so that your company name and publicity message will reach your target buyers 4 times/ 6 times in a year.

We also allow highest discounts if you confirm a 5/6 issues contract.

For Special positions like Doublespread , Gatefold etc contact Publisher at :


Frequency Discount: 2 Issues 5%, 3/4 issues 10%, 5/ 6 insertions 20%.


Benefits of Annual Contract of 4 / 6 Insertions
Your Advertisement will be included in the online editions for no extra charge and your logo will be uploaded on our home page. We will also give a link to your website as added benefit.


Distribution by Category: 20000 Copies are mailed every quarter by DIRECT MAIL TO….

32.5% [6500 copies]
• Importers • Wholesalers • Traders of furniture components • Furniture hardware • Paints • Glues & varnishes • Adhesives • Raw materials like Timber, MDF, Particleboard etc.

distribution-by-category27.5 % [5500 copies]
Furniture, Plywood & Wooden Product Manufacturers

20% [3600 copies]
Architects & Interior designers

11% [2200 copies]
Manufacturers of wood based interior designing products

6.5% [1300 copies]
Wood Technology Institutes, Manufacturers of Woodworking Machinery & Tools

2.5% [900 copies]
International Circulation


*Also available:Classified Advertisement options for print Advertisements Website Banners / E-marketing or sending Email Campaigns to our readers’ list