richwood-logo1. What was your inspiration to start the manufacturing?
Good question, but little difficult to answer in brief. I have born & brought up in a business family in Solapur, Maharashtra. My father is having a furniture shop &we  manufacture wooden sofa sets, dining, bed, wardrobs etc. We have our own furniture manufacturing & polishing set up.
Damaged Wooden article filled by Richfill Wood Putty
While working in production department, I came to know the drawbacks and problems in wood finishing. I have developed a polishing system and also invented wood putty to fill the gaps & cracks in the wood. I got patent for this Research.  In the year 2007, I started manufacturing and marketing of this product all over India.


2. Which types of Putties do you manufacture?
Basically we have two categories in Putty. Both are in powder form.
1. Richfill Wood Putty- This is a readymade water based wood putty.After mixing the powder with water it can be applied to the damaged surface of wood. This is India’s Best & High- Strength Wood Putty. It is crack free; sink free, shrink free and having a high bonding strength to wood.
2. Richfill Plywood Plus- This is a special grade crack filler. Specially developed to fill the Edge gaps & Face cracks in Plywood, Flush Doors & Flexi Plywood. There are different shades like Teakwood, Gurjan& Dip Gurjan. This is also a powder. After mixing with White Glue & Water it can be applied to the Face Cracks & Edge Gaps of Plywood.


3. Do you Export the Putty?
We have started exporting Richfill to Nepal, Srilanka& Africa.


4. Please tell us about the challenges that you faced while setting up manufacturing of Putty?
Yes, we have faced lot of problems while setting up a manufacturing plant in the city like Solapur, Maharashtra. But I faced more problems while marketing  this product  all over India. We have overcome the problems of marketing by Participating in the International Exhibitions like Indiawood, Delhiwood, Srilankawood,Nepalwood. We have also appointed dealers in different parts of India.
In India the most challenging one is that marketing requires patience. Although your product is good or services are good but still the acceptance from market is very late.
Patience is required to sustain in the market.


5. Please tell us about advantages of domestic production?
There are lots of advantages like:
1. You are providing employment to rural area.
2. You can keep cheaper production cost, if you open a factory in rural area as compare to urban.
3.Another  best part is that you are following the Prime Minister Mr. NarendraModi’s concept  “Make In India”.
4. We feel very proud to serve our nation by providing best product& servicesat reasonable price.
6. What are your future plans?
We have planned to open our branches in various parts of  India up to
March 2017.

richwood richfill-wood-putty

Company Profile:
Richwoodis known by the brand “Richfill”. It isStarted  in the  year 2007.  Now Richwood is a leading producer of Wood Putty. Richwood is pioneer in Wood Putty& Plywood  Crack Fillers.It has becomea  market  leader  in  wood  Putty &  Filler segment. Richwood has become most trusted brand in Wood Putty in India.