regal-castors-logo1. Regal Castors is the leading manufacturer Company producing castors in India. What was your inspiration to start the manufacture of Castors in India? In which year have you started?
Not Inspiration exactly; but we were thinking to produce some innovative product & at that time this idea of manufacturing “TOTAL PLASTIC CASTOR” strike us back in 1984 when castor production was very laborious & tedious job.


2. Which are the types of Castors produced in India? Do you export the Castors?
We produce Castors for multiple industries such as Furniture, Equipment, Appliance, Medical / Hospital etc…
Yes we do export worldwide.


3. Please tell us about the challenges that you faced while setting up manufacturing of the Castors in India? Please also tell us about advantages of domestic production.
Challenges were numerous. Quality plastic mould making was not available in those days & then quality injection moulding machines; then skill to produce just right castor & list is never ending…
Advantage of domestic production is now seen in many ways quality product available within INDIA; foreign revenue is not going out of country & many more.


4. What are your future plans?
Increasing our presence in International market; as currently we are the only castor manufacturing company to have their own sales office in USA & to follow in many more countries.


Company Profile:
Regal Castors is India’s leading Caster Wheels manufacturing& exporting company since 1984 and the only Castor making company in INDIA to have its sales office in USA. We were the first to introduce “Total Plastics Castors” in Indian market. The products are produced & tested as per International Standards.We produce 30 million Castors annually & escalating at steady pace, so buyers can take our claim of meeting volume requirements.