jai-logo1. JAI is the first woodworking machinery manufacturing company in India. What was your inspiration to start the manufacture of machines in India? In which year have you started?
The industry was established in 1965, founded by Late Shri Niranjan Shah. It was a humble beginning, manufacturing very basic wood-working machines. Jai Industries began with catering to local requirement of Ahmedabad city, but within couple of years the demands started coming from all over Gujarat. These were individuals or workshops who bought a few basic machines. But as the machines worked well for them, they grew their area of wood-working and asked for more machines. That’s how JAI entered in to manufacturing more and more type of machines.


2. Which are the machines and models produced in India? Do you export the machine?
Jai Industries had been essentially in to basic machinery for solid wood-working. Jai Industries manufactured only Surface Planer, Thickness Planer, Combination machines, Spindle moulder and few other small machines.  Later on it started making feature rich machinery for specialized job as well. Around the year 2006 JAI entered completely new market of panel processing machinery. Within a decade, it conquered the market beginning with offering only a select few machines like manual Edge Bander, Post Form, Multi Boring and Spindle moulder; to manufacturing full range of machinery that any panel processing unit requires in India. Now Jai also manufactures wide range of Auto Edge Banders with innovative technology to suit Indian market condition.
During the last decade Jai has spread across the continents, reaching out the world. We have business in entire Indian sub continent Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, South America and many other destinations. We export to all of them taking India to the world.
Visit our website:  www.jaiindustries.com for our complete product details.


3. Please tell us about the challenges that you faced while setting up manufacturing the machines in India? Please also tell us about advantages of domestic production.
Jai Industries faced lot of challenges like Technical knowhow to built euro precision machines, availability of good quality spare-parts in local market, skilled man-power, infrastructure etc…but in the 1960s and until 1990 India’s Govt policy was not encouraging imports and Jai Industries believe it worked in company’s and country’s benefit. It gave required experience and strengthened our knowledge about manufacturing, developed sufficient home grown manufacturing base and market for it. That is the reason when economy opened in 1990s and globalization happened, many Indian companies / industries – including Jai Industries – were strong enough to cope-up with multinational challenge.
JAI believed in manufacturing before and even today, because JAI thinks we need different India specific machines and technology, due to unique working conditions, budget constrain and very different nature of market here – than the global scenario.


4. What are your future plans?
As the turnover of machines-sold, mentioned above shows clearly – Jai Industries is an undisputed leader in the wood-working industry. Panel processing is comparatively new segment for India; but company sees itself being in the leadership position in everything that it does… that too, miles ahead of its nearest competitor.
There is a sea change in technology and machinery to match it. Conventional methods and machines are getting replaced by new sophisticated ones. Everybody now ask for ‘world-class’ standards and precision functionality. Automation and computer guided CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are ruling the roost. Mass production in a stipulated time period is not possible without these new improved machines.
Company’s adherence to honesty, continuous development and focus on total customer satisfaction is sure to win it soon – this coveted position.

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Company Profile:
JAI has become the most trusted brand in India & Abroad. It has grown multifold over its journey of 50 years .It has proved to be the most innovative and happening player in this field. Jai has incomparable manufacturing muscles & people power .A total 350,000 sq.ft. of mfg.floor , staff strength of 650 people. The work culture at Jai is professional management and personal rapport. There is a full fledge services department committed to complete customer satisfaction on sales-service & spares support. Jai has established the biggest network of business partners nationwide. For the Panel Industry, JAI created special outlets, called “International Pan’Wood MachineMall” that provide exclusive experience to its customers. The central hub “PanWood Grand” located at Ahmedabad, is Asia’s biggest such machine mall, measuring 25,000 sq.ft.