homag-india1. Homag has a strong presence in Indian woodworking Industry. What was your inspiration to start the manufacture of machines in India?
Customer was our inspiration to start the manufacture of machines in India. We studied the needs of the customer i.e. Quality, Value and Service, based on these three needs we worked on various machine models and finalized on some models which will satisfy the customer needs.
Job creation in India was another inspiration to start the manufacturing unit, with each person employed a family of four gets security in terms of food, child education and most important improvement in quality of family life.
Skill Development is another factor which automatically gets addressed with employment, all the employees at Homag Machinery are well trained and they have acquired better skills while working for Homag Group in India.


2. In which year have you started the manufacture of the machines in India? Which are the machines and models produced in India?
Homag started the Indian manufacturing activity in 2011. Following machines and models are manufactured in India:
a. CNC Beam Saw machine HPP130.
b. Thrufeed Edge Banding machines – Five models i.e. NKR210, NKR210F, NKR220C, NKR220FC and NKR782 F2C.
c.  CNC Routers PTP160 / NMC112 and NMC112C with C-axis.
d. CNC Drilling machine BHX050 / NBX102.
e. Three head drilling machine BST200.
f. Manual Edge Bander NKD720.
g. Manual trimming machine NKF130.


3. Please tell us about the challenges that you faced while setting up manufacturing base in India? Please also tell us about advantages of domestic production.
For Homag Group setting up a manufacturing base in India was an opportunity rather than a challenge. Homag Group has numerous years of experience in manufacturing and therefore to set up a manufacturing unit in India was a good experience. Main focus areas while setting up the unit was on Quality, Inventory management, Training of employees, Safety and most important commitment towards customers.
Advantages of domestic production are value for money products, availability of committed employees, good quality vendor availability and excellent support from Germany.


4. What are your future plans?
Following are our future plans:
•  Introduce more products in discussions with our customers.
•  Keep expanding the manufacturing set up in an organic way.
•  Maintain innovative leadership position.
•  Maintain service leadership position which is a great support to our customers.
•  We have started exporting machines and this will continue in future too.


Company Profile:
HOMAG India is one of the sales subsidiaries of HOMAG Group, Germany and is active in India for over 23 years bringing in solutions to the woodworking and furniture making Industries in India.
The establishment of HOMAG India in August 2002 is the culmination of the Group’s commitment and vision for India. As a system partner, HOMAG India’s primary objective is to bring HOMAG technology to the furniture and woodworking sector. Consisting of a modern knowledge centre with machines on working display, a training setup, sales and service facilities, HOMAG India is fully equipped to take care of all needs of the Indian industry for production of furniture, interior elements, flooring and more. With a well-trained and highly motivated service team of 40 engineers, HOMAG India today is all geared up to maintain and service the complete range of machines from the HOMAG group in India.