latest-ebco_logo1. Ebco has been pioneer in manufacturing of hardware fittings in India. What was your inspiration to start the manufacture in India? In which year have you started?
Ebco was started in 1963 and was supplying components to leading companies in India like Siemens, Lucas, L&T, LaxmiMachine works, Telco, etc. In 1968 we started manufacturing Cartridge Links for Ordnance Factories. It was in 1986 while looking for items which we could sell under a brand that we came across auto closing hinge which suited our machinery,quality standards, etc. We found that hingeswere imported and sold at very high price. We could make a good quality product at half the price. From that day we have not looked back and introduced new products every month.


2. Which are the hardware fittings and models produced in India? Do you export the hardware?
The main hardware fittings that we make in India are office furniture fittings as there are large volumes from the IT industry,call centers, BPOs, etc. India has such a vast potential that we never felt a need to export but are now looking for opportunities so that our volumesincrease and we keep up with foreign trends.


3. Please tell us about the challenges that  you faced while setting up manufacturing plant? Please also tell us about advantages of domestic production.
• While setting up manufacturing plants we had basic problems with infrastructure where the local roads, etc., are in very poor shape. In fact recently we had to make a kilometer of road near our factory in Palghar ourselves. With the antiquated distribution system, there are frequent breakdowns in electricity supply. Recently there have been some improvements to this.
•  Labour laws need to be revamped if we are to compete with China where it’s not unusual to have 1000 – 5000 workers in a factory.


4. What are your future plans?
To increase the volumes so that investments in productivity such as automation, etc., are viable. We introduce new products every month and will continue to do so.

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Company Profile:
Ebco has three manufacturing plants which employ over four hundred people. Our product range spans eleven different segments of various furniture fittings. We have a resourceful design department and a Tool Room which employ state-of-art software and CNC Machining Technology and enable us to launch new products every month. Our products are engineered to perform and our quality control laboratory performs rigorous cycle tests, load tests and other checks in accordance with international quality norms.