biesse-logo-hr1. Biesse was the first European company to produce woodworking machines in India. What was your inspiration to start it in India? In which year have you started the manufacture?
Owing to the high operating cost and recession in Europe, setting up a production facility in India was considered. The idea was to leverage on the potential and capabilities in India viz. Design & manufacturing competencies, to continuously deliver value added innovative products and sustained cost competitiveness. The woodworking sector in India is also growing so it would be ideal to be closer to the customer and provide better service and support with readily available spare parts.
BIESSE INDIA was incorporated in the year 2006.  It is a direct subsidiary of BIESSE S.P.A Italy.


2. Which are the machines and models produced in India? Do you export the machine?
We now manufacture 5 variants of the CNC Machining Center – Rover Gold, Rover Gold G, Rover J Gft, Klever GFT & Skill GFT, 5 variants of The Through Feed Edge Bander Jade 300 And Jade 200 Series, 3 variants of the CNC Panel Sizing Center Sektor 3 Series and a new nesting cell based CNC Machining Center Rover S FT which was displayed during the recently concluded Delhiwood 2015 expo. More products are continuously being added to our portfolio. BIESSE India is a 100% export oriented unit, and we export our machines to Europe, The Americas, Apac, The Middle East And Africa.


3. Please tell us about the challenges that you faced while setting up manufacturing base in India? Please also tell us about advantages of domestic production.
The initial challenges were with the various clearances and approvals from nodal agencies.
The advantages are that India has a vast pool of young, talented and qualified people. There is an existing expertise in machine building and there is a competitive price advantage.


4. What are your future plans for your Indian manufacturing subsidiary?
Production of machines will be ramped up considering the demand from overseas as well as in india for our products. We will definitely see more products aimed at automating the existing production processes/ cycles. We want to offer more machines tailor made to suit the needs of the Indian manufacturer.
We want to be at the forefront of technology by constantly innovating new products and services and partner with the Indian wood working industry to make it more competitive in design, manufacturing, price and quality.


Company Profile:
Biesse India is a direct subsidiary of Biesse S.p.A Italy, which produces woodworking machinery and systems in its state of the art manufacturing facility in Bangalore. These machines are used for producing modular furniture by various companies that are into Home and Office furnishing and Furniture manufacturing. Established in the year 2008, the 12000 manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified and the machines manufactured in this facility are exported to more than 30 countries across 6 continents through the subsidiaries and dealers network.