The India Wood exhibition was held from 8th, March to 12th, March, 2018 in Bangalore where China Foma and their India agent, Protos Engineering, dispatch representatives to attend. On 10th,evening, China Foma also held a well-designed presentation to introduce MDF/HDF production line with capacity of 350cbm/d China Foma Continuous Press under the theme ”Design for India, Building together” which gains heat responses and real interests from the audiences there.


Now, China Foma has already placed two orders in India with Metro Decorative and Unique Collection respectively for complete MDF/HDF production line with 4ft continuous press. The China Foma’s supply scope covers all the key machines in the production line, including chipper, refiner, glue system, forming line, continuous press, sanding and CTS line, etc. China Foma will also provide operation service for these two project. The firstly introduced 4ft continuous press line in India will shape the industry to efficiency-oriented investment.


So far, China Foma has delivered all series of continuous press lines with 4ft, 6ft, 8ft and 9ft for the production of MDF/HDF, PB and OSB worldwide.