The great thing about Altendorf’s new generation is that we now have just the one model: the F 45. This one model, however, comes with a choice of three completely new control units, all of which enable you to control up to four axes from the centrally-positioned eye-level control panel. Let’s start by looking at the basic specification and the choice of control units.


New Control Drives – Pro Drive, Evo Drive, Elmo Drive








Sliding table length up to 5000 mm The Altendorf sliding table is renowned for its smooth, precise running. The large dumbbell rollers guide the moving table with absolute precision between the hard-chromed guide bars.



Main Saw Motor Power up to 15




HP The motors are manufactured specially to Altendorf’s specifications and have been optimized for use in sliding table saws. Extended cutting height. The maximum saw blade projection of 204 mm is achieved with a saw blade diameter of 550mm.


And many other options.

Fit out your new F 45 to your precise requirements: it really is time to wave goodbye to compromise.