We’re giving a face to the digital future

We’re thrilled to offer you some very special in sights this year at the HOLZ-HANDWERK: The premiere of our new machine generation. Under the banner of “Design meets digital” we’vere designed all our machins to be more intuitive, modern and unique. Further more, it is now faster and easier to network your machines to the tapioeco system, if and when desired. If and when you want to use this function is up to you.The progressive new function – orientated design transforms the machine operation experience making it feel special while highlighting your innovative credentials. Make a clear statement to your customers – and to your competitors.


Clearly arranged machine design and optical accentuation support intuitive user guidance

New product names: Simple and meaningful
As well as redesigning our machines, we’ve also restructured our product names for greater clarity: The function of each machine will now feature in the name: So you can find your way more easily around our product world.For instance our edgebanders will be designated EDGETEQ, while sawing machines will now bear the name SAWTEQ.


Look here for more detailed information and examples of the new names for our products:


Always a solution ahead
We explore new horizons to help you reach your goals
We keep a step ahead of the market so that we can better assist you on your journey to the digital future. Not only do we offer you the perfect high-tech machines, but also integrated solutions tailored precisely to your needs. Whether it s traditional wood working, batch size1 or industrial series production: We’ll be right beside you, helping you achieve that all-important competitive edge. Because we understand woodworking operations inside out, we can target exactly what you need. For instance with tapio-ready machines, customized software or services from our global service network. Together, hand in hand,we can shape tomorrows trends and discover the exact solution you require to meet any and every challenge.


Progress begins with the design. Discover our new machine generation.