The focus for Siempelkamp at Xylexpo 2018 in Milan is completely on new technologies for the production of superior-quality fiberboards. Rice straw is, in terms of quality, an equivalent alternative to wood as a raw material. Siempelkamp can now provide its customers with a “green” alternative to wood.


A core element of fiberboard production is Siempelkamp’s ContiRoll® which has been in use around the world for many decades. The latest Generation 9 and Generation 9 NEO enable fully automated and digitally controlled high-speed production of top-quality wood or rice straw fiber-boards.


Siempelkamp employs a process for the dry application of resin here using a newly developed continuous blending system. Glue consumption is lower than in the conventional gluing process as losses due to pre-curing are avoided. The EcoSifter from Siempelkamp is an innovative, reliable and energy-efficient fiber separator that can process all types of wood and alternative raw materials such as rice straw or rubber wood.


The EcoScan NEO enables inspection of uniform material distribution and detection of foreign bodies in a fiber mat. To achieve this, the EcoScan (a scanner based on the latest X-ray technology) performs a high-resolution basis weight measurement over the entire cross section directly after the pre-press. Moistening and preheating of the mat before the pressing process facilitates speedier heating of the mat in the press and, consequently, accelerates board production. The innovative ContiBooster is the optimum and cost-effective solution for this purpose.


The EcoPulser from Siempelkamp employs a completely new, non-cutting and virtually wear-free process for reshredding wood chips and particles.


At up to 2,500 mm/s, the production speeds of the ContiRoll® also require efficient finishing. Cutting of the shortest boards must be ensured, and the replacement of a saw blade should not affect ongoing production. Siempelkamp’s 6-fold diagonal saw has been developed for maximum production capacity in continuous operation, while also reducing the dust emission rate.


NEO Blender: Wear-resistant and maintenance-friendly resin blender for rice straw and annual plants

Patented by the Siempelkamp subsidiary Strothmann Machines & Handling GmbH, Round-Track® technology is an innovation designed for in-house transportation of loads (e.g. plant components). The risk of an accident is practically zero, due to the flush mounting of the RoundTrack® systems. Trolleys and carriages can be equipped with lifting or rotating devices and also external starting aids (e.g. MoviMax from Strohtmann).