Mr. Giancarlo Selci visited the Biesse India new unit at Makali and the existing units at Nelamangala and Peenya on 24th and 25th of November 2016.


Biesse India is coming up with a new manufacturing unit at Makali, Bangalore. The new unit would be spread over an area of 20,800 sqm, which includes facilities like 16,500 sqm of shop floor, 450 sqm of Tech Centre inside the shop floor area for Indian Machines and 600sqm dedicated to sales and service activities, 2,300 sqm of office premises and other facilities spread over an area of 1,400sqm.


The growing demand for Biesse machines has led to this expansion at Makali: this unit would be equipped with new innovations like new powder coating facilities, new 6m laser with fiber optic technology, which is unique in India, new milling machine and some of the other new facilities as well.


Mr. Giancarlo Selci’s visit was comprised of reviewing the progress and development of Biesse India from the beginning of operations in India till date. Detailed discussion was done on improvement of quality of product we manufacture and focus of India on Think4ward concept. During his interaction with Nelamangala and Peenya employees, he emphasised on innovation, as he believes from years in the thought of “Innovation is our driving force”. He was very keen to know about the ideas and place of improvement in the working environment of Biesse India. Mr. Giancarlo Selci quotes: “We need to improve continuously in order to be ahead of our competitors”. He also said that “this is not just Biesse India, it is Biesse family”.


With the sign of success and growth, Mr. Selci and Mr. Cesare Tinti concluded their 2 days of visit to India.