“Design meets digital”: On the way to the Smart Factory with the new HOMAG machine generation.
Since the end of March, HOMAG has a completely new image – with a new logo, a new look, and modern machine design. At the exhibition, HOMAG made digitalization and Industry 4.0 more tangible with automation solutions, from the first autonomous workshop concept to the Smart Factory.


Visitors to XYLEXPO in Italy could now see the innovative power of the machine’s operating system. HOMAG has also made product names a clearer structure like HOMAG edge banding machines under the name EDGETEQ and machines from the saw technology range now all carry the name SAWTEQ.


Live in action at the XYLEXPO trade fair was the first fully autonomous workshop. It consists of two fully automated cells. A small autonomously working helper links these cells.


An automated guided vehicle (TRANSBOT) which takes care of organizing part logistics between the cells. The “autonomous cell” is able to take full advantage of its flexibility in trade as well as in the industry, and opens up new options for production.


The ControllerMES production control system from HOMAG is the key to interconnected communication within the cell. It communicates universally with the individual control systems of the automated edge cell and the CNC robot cell, as well as the control system of the TRANSBOT.


The EDGETEQ S-500 edge banding machine offers maximum flexibility when combined with the LOOPTEQ O-600 return. The return conveyor and the edge banding machine are interconnected thanks to the woodFlex cell control system.


HOMAG was presenting an innovative system concept for processing batch size 1 and small series in furniture production. The EDGETEQ S-810 edge banding machine with automated return is a winner with an optimally aligned all-round solution for edge processing. To increase performance, workpieces can also be handled in pairs.
“Software as a service”: HOMAG presented intelliDivide at XYLEXPO. The new, cloud-based optimization software features significantly higher computing capacities and can therefore swiftly provide the user with several alternative optimization results.


Sanding has now become even more economical. You can now get more technology on a smaller budget with the entry-level SANDTEQ W-100 sanding machines.


HOMAG was presenting solutions for painting with automated parts handling and for handling small batch sizes. In close cooperation with the specialist Makor.


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