Mr. E. Rajendran, Founder and Chairman- JFA Group, Chennai was happy to share his experiences of owning and operating an Altendorf. Started as a small cane furniture manufacturing around 1930, today JFA group is one of the leading premium furniture manufacturers in the country with best in class quality and innovative designs.


Mr. Rajendran says,
“I first heard about Altendorf when I visited HBR office for the 1st time in 1991 after attending the Ligna fair around May 1991, to take guidance to buy European Wood working machinery, for starting a Small Wood Working Factory to manufacture Panel, Solid wood and Upholstered furniture.  Though the Italian Panel Saws displayed in Ligna Fair were cheaper than Altendorf, it was strongly recommended to buy Altendorf because of it reliability and assured me prompt after Sales Service, if at all required.


We bought our 1st Altendorf in the year 1993.  We started using this machine for all our Panel and Sold wood cutting, every day for at least 8 hours continuously.  We found the machine very flexible, accurate and reliable.  We bought the 2nd Altendorf 2 years later.   We kept buying once in two years, one Altendorf.  Now we have SEVEN Altendorf Panel Saws.  We have NOT experienced any break down so far in any of all the seven machines.  It is a true story.  I have recommended many of my friends to buy Altendorf whenever I was consulted.”


When asked the reasons for opting and recommending Altendorf, he replied “Altendorf Machines are sturdy, reliable and durable. Accuracy and Consistency are main features of Altendorf.”