The Indian market for wood based panels such as particle and medium density fiber board is growing by approximately 10 % every year. The main reason is the transition from the usage of plywood for furniture building to usage of particle and medium density fiber board. Apart from that OEMs such as IKEA are entering the furniture market with the growth aim of opening approximately 20 furniture stores by 2020. This also defines new and high board quality requirements. Additionally governmental regulations have been established having a major share of the domestic sales volume to be produced in India which is boosting the demand for particle and medium density fiber board as well.


The demand-development on the panel market for high quality PB and MDF boards can be seen in the number of potential projects on the market which generally is divided into two segments; one segment of high capacity lines (600 to 1000 m³/day) and one segment of low capacity lines (300 to 400 m³/day).


Especially the market for low capacity lines requires pricewise competitive solutions by still maintaining our well known SIEMPELKAMP standard in terms of efficiency and long-term quality.


To serve our customers demands we established next to our manufacturing in Wuxi, China,  a second manufacturing site in Qingdao, China, where we already produce parts on our machinery with German quality standards. Both our sites in China represent an excellent example in terms of enriching reliable German Engineering with cost effective manufacturing in China.


We are able serving all kind of customer’s wishes in terms of possible combinations of machinery origins for their investments in the best and most cost effective way. This of course underlined with our technical experience and expertise of more than 130 years from Krefeld, Germany.


As a result we now can provide solutions in all kind of origin-combinations in order to serve all customers:

  • Key components from our manufacturing sites in Europe and non-key components*) from well-proven Siempelkamp suppliers in Europe.
  • Key components from our manufacturing sites in Europe and non-key components*) from well-proven Siempelkamp suppliers in China.
  • Key components from our manufacturing sites in China and the connecting parts or non-key components*) from well-proven Siempelkamp suppliers in China.
    *) e.g. mechanical or pneumatic conveyors


Especially the last combination is giving us the opportunity to also serve the market for wood based panel plants with small capacities as this segment is very price-sensitive.


In order to be as close as possible to our customers we will even have a project management for this segment based in Qingdao, China.


Our engineering company SICOPLAN enables with state-of-the-art engineering the most efficient plant set-up. Our subsidiary has experience of all wood based panel plants engineered and installed by SIEMPELKAMP during the last decades.


Your partner for cross-border financing solutions:
ACE, a SIEMPELKAMP subsidiary, will help customers to get the most feasible solution even for the financial structure of the respective project.


All this underlines our way to serve our customers getting everything from one hand with a customized solution and proves that SIEMPELKAMP is well prepared for the future.


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