Aparna Mansabdar Publisher- Modern Woodwork [INDIA & GULF]

Aparna Mansabdar
Publisher- Modern Woodwork [INDIA & GULF]

Publisher for the leading trade magazine in Woodworking

•  Modern Woodwork India
(www.modernwoodworkindia.com) and

•  Modern Woodwork Gulf edition
Both Editions are recognized & associated as Official Publication with major international expos in India & Dubai – UAE.


After spending five years in the woodworking industry, decided to start Modern Woodwork – India in January 1999 by registering the firm APARNA PUBLICATIONS. Her bright academic background, being a university rank-holder & having a postgraduate degree in Economics helped her handle the responsibilities of dealing with all aspects of publication, though she was new to the industry.


Her commitment towards the woodworking industry meant a constant effort to compile and publish latest technology advances unveiled in leading shows around the world. In tune with her vision to make this knowledge available to readers in all corners of India, she increased circulation over the years from 1000 copies in 1999 to 20,000 copies per quarter by 2004. Presence of the magazine in international exhibitions increased to include shows in USA, Germany, Italy, Dubai, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Soviet Russia, Brazil, Spain, France.


Shantikumar Mansabdar Editor & Technical Advisor

Shantikumar Mansabdar
Editor & Technical Advisor

•  Modern Woodwork India Edition: Since 1999: Highest Circulation in Indian wood trade publications.
•  Modern Woodwork Gulf Edition: Since 2007- Pioneer publication in Gulf.

•  Partner in The Wood Portal: A Global portal for wood Industry www.thewoodportal.com/ from Ganakosh Systems.

•  Trade Analyst and Expert on mentioned areas of Wood working industry.



Over all 30 years of experience in Wood working Industry – Timber processing, Veneer processing, Solid wood Furniture Manufacturing (Chairs, dinning sets, Bed room sets) Panel Furniture (Kitchen Cabinets, Living room furniture, Solid wood Doors, Flush doors, Bent wood furniture), Musical instruments (Guitars & Violin), Wooden Toys and Pallets etc.
Primarily into Consulting for – Furniture Plant set up (from Hand crafted furniture-use of jigs and fixtures / to Industrial scale with semi mechanization), Maintenance, Capacity Planning, Resource & organization Planning (Machinery, raw material and Employee requirement planning), techniques for “Turn around of sick factories”.
Editor of Modern Woodwork trade magazines:




journey-of-modern-woodwork-03Our presence in the Indian Woodworking industry goes way back, when Woodcon Consultants was founded by our editor Shanti Mansabdar in 1993. Armed with in-depth knowledge of the field, Shanti set out to provide much-needed technical consultancy to woodworking units, and soon bagged projects all over India and represented numerous European companies.


My entry in woodworking was more as a partner to Shanti, to assist him in his projects. With time, my interest in the field of woodworking grew, and our work projects exposed me to the workings of the industry, and the challenges that it faced in India, in the 1990s.


journey-of-modern-woodwork-02What we observed was a huge gap between the technical knowledge about woodworking in India, and the rest of the world-particularly European countries. Owing to this lack of knowledge, Indian factories regularly employed primitive ways of woodworking, whereas advanced technology was available to make better-quality products and get more returns on their investment.


We realized that a platform was needed to make this knowledge accessible to woodworking units in all corners of the country, and decided to start a magazine.
Thus, Modern Woodwork was launched under the banner of Aparna Publications, on the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya, in April 1999, in Nashik, Maharashtra.


journey-of-modern-woodwork-01Our first issue was launched at LIGNA Hannover in May 1999, by our inspirational figure and mentor – Mr. Adriano Aureli, SCM Group.


As I held the first published copy of the magazine in my hands, I remember feeling awed, optimistic, apprehensive all at the same, and thus began our journey from a humble 1000 copies in 1999 to 20,000 copies since 2004.


Successful Milestones of Modern Woodwork


  • 2013 – Official Publication for first edition of Mumbaiwood which was held in August 2013.
  • 2011 – Keeping up with the growing use of the internet, we started our online edition and every issue is uploaded on our websites, for more reach, especially for readers outside India. It helps them keep up with the latest trends and opportunities in the huge Indian market.
  • 2009 – Official Publication for first edition of Delhiwood Expo – for every edition since then.
  • 2008 – Expanded coverage of global fairs to bring news about innovations and technology to include DOMOTEX Asia/Chinafloor, Salone del Mobile, DOMOTEX Istanbul, DOMOTEX Russia. We were already covering, since 1999: LIGNA Hannover, Xylexpo Milan, AWFS Vegas, IWF Atlanta, Interwood Taipei, FMC China, WMF Beijing etc.
  • 2007 – Launched Modern Woodwork Gulf Edition – an instant success in the region. Official Publication with the premier exhibition of the region – Woodshow Dubai for every edition since 2007.
  • 2006 – Noticed the potential for a magazine in the GCC Countries- UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia and conducted research about what the woodworking industry in this region needs.
  • 2005 – Modern Woodwork was recognized as an Official publication for INDIAWOOD- organized by PDA Trade fairs and co-organized by EUMABOIS.
  • 2004 – Circulation reached 20,000 copies, which has been maintained ever since.
  • 2003 – Circulation reached 12,000 copies every quarter. Modern Woodwork was noticed by numerous exhibitions in India and forged media partnerships with them.
  • 2002 – Circulation increased to 5000 copies every quarter.
  • 1999 – By the end of 1999, increased circulation from 1000 to 2500 copies.


Today, looking back and looking around at how the woodworking industry in India now is, we are gratified to see improvements in all directions. Mechanization has been introduced in more manufacturing processes, use of latest woodworking technologies is acknowledged by factory managements. To see that we have done our bit as media by bringing technology news to the industry makes us feel that our journey so far has been fruitful. At the same time, it is our inspiration to continue working hard, as we still need to go a long way to bring the Indian woodworking sector at-par with the world.


But none of this would have been possible without you- our readers. Your relentless support, your words of encouragement through letters and emails, kept us going through good times and tough ones, to bring us to where we are – at our 19th Anniversary.


We cherish our values- our commitment towards the growth of the woodworking industry in India, our transparent ways of working, and our wide reach, and we count on your continued support to take us forward, and grow more & more in the coming years. Thank You.


Distribution by Category
20000 Copies are mailed every quarter by DIRECT MAIL to…

32.5% [6500 copies]
• Importers • Wholesalers • Traders of furniture components • Furniture hardware • Paints • Glues & varnishes • Adhesives • Raw materials like Timber, MDF, Particleboard etc.

distribution-by-category27.5 % [5500 copies]
Furniture, Plywood & Wooden Product Manufacturers

20% [3600 copies]
Architects & Interior designers

11% [2200 copies]
Manufacturers of wood based interior designing products

6.5% [1300 copies]
Wood Technology Institutes, Manufacturers of Woodworking Machinery & Tools

2.5% [900 copies]
International Circulation