“ Our slow-growing northern forests produce strong and visually beautiful spruce and pine”


Finnish forests are sustainably managed and the PEFC certification system is used in all commercial forests in Finland.23 Finnish Wood Companies participated in Indiawood 2018. We at Modern Woodwork had an opportunity to cover the first-time participation of Finnish Sawmills Association. Modern Woodwork Editor Shanti Mansabdar have interviewed two of FINNISH WOOD Team Leaders. We have brought the interesting and educative interviews for the benefit of our readers.


Finland Timber – Participation in Indiawood 2018


Exclusive interview:
From Left to right: Mr. REIMA SUTINEN – Ministerial Advisor Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland & Mr. Shanti Mansabdar – Editor,  Modern Woodwork


Q. Modern Woodwork : Congratulations Mr. REIMA for participating in Indiawood along with Timber Exporters from Finland. Can you explain a little more about Finland Timber and the policies of your Government about Timber business?
Answer by REIMA SUTINEN: We are first time here, we talked to the Organisers last year and we are here exhibiting in 2018. We are expecting to explore Indian Market and to know what the market exactly needs.
Perhaps we will exhibit again next year, in Delhiwood2019, with larger presence and we are confident that there will be certainly a market here for our high qualitytimber.
All our forests are certified, these are sustainably managed and what is most important, all our timber is legal. We harvestone hundred and fifty million cubic meters timberevery year, 24% of Gross national product comes from exports and 60% comes from saw milling.


Modern Woodwork: Wow! This means a quite big participation in economy.
REIMA SUTINEN: Presently our timber is exported to European Countries – to England, France, Germany and that the economy of these countries is quite good. The economy of India and China has much better growth rate.  (And hope Finland will have good participation in this Indian growth.)


Modern Woodwork: The Growth rate in India is really good. Indian Timber industry is expecting to know much more about the woodworkingtechnology also from Finland, along with timber imports.
REIMA SUTINEN: Our Government participates in training programs, and the private companies also finance such Programs.


Modern Woodwork: What I would like to suggest that while your companies are planning to come to India, they should sell the timber and along with that they should give the technology about how to use your timber in right way. This will ensure the proper use of your precious timber that has taken 7 to 8 years to grow. This way the timber will be utilized with least wastages and can produce very high quality products with good value addition.
REIMA SUTINEN: Our timber is expensive formany applications but it is most suitable for some applications which are not so price sensitive. Our companies tell customers what are the most favorable ways for using the timber. This is the best education process to our customers and in this work our Government and the companies participate to great extent.


Modern Woodwork:  We at Modern Woodwork wish All the Best to Finland Pavillion Companies.



Finnish Wood: Timber Species and Properties


Exclusive interview:
From Left to Right, Mr. Jyrki Mantere Program Manager, Wood from Finland, Mr.Shanti Mansabdar – Editor, Modern Woodwork.


Q. Modern Woodwork: Congratulations Mr. Jyrki Mantere, for coming to India & for exhibiting Finnish wood products. You are expert in this field, so please let us know more about the timbers that you are going to promote in India and their properties.
Answer by Mr. Jyrki Mantere: Finland is a forest rich country. 80% of the land area is covered by forests. Main species are Pine, Scots Pine. Second biggest species are spruce, we also have Birch, Birch is also utilized in plywood industry in Finland, 12 Million cubic meters of sawn wood are – Pine & Spruce. Pine is utilized in making furniture and windows as it is a stable wood. The quality of the sawn Pinewood from Finland is quite strongly resistant for weather conditions and decay. All Finnish sawn Timber is kiln dried to 16 % to 18% and can be dried to 8 % to 12% if required.


Modern Woodwork: India is a warm country with ambient temperature ranging between 35% to 45% Celsius so for making wooden products and windows what moisture percentages do you suggest.
Jyrki Mantere: I feel 8  to 10 % moisture should be fine in products which are glued to be ideal for Indian weather conditions. It will be also ideal for making glue Joints. The main end use of sawn Timber in exports is, in furniture industry, and IKEA has been utilizing for decades the millions of cubic meters of pinewood for their wooden products. China is the other biggest market for Finnish Sawn Timber. Main use in China is for furniture industry, also for cladding. Finish wood is also used for making houses, flooring. We also have lower grade of timber that is used in Construction industry for shuttering, pallets and boxes.


Modern Woodwork: India is growing now and more and more affluent people are having a choice to live in wooden houses that is in Chalets, I think that they will have a good opportunity to use your timber to make these Chalets.
Jyrki Mantere: Yes, I am sure about that, you are right, there are 23 companies in Wood from Finland program  processing Timber for this and there are some companies who are producing Thermowood for this purpose. Thermowood (heat treated wood) was developed in Finland in late 80s and can be utilized for interior and exterior use. We have also Companies which are doing planning and finishing, (tongue & grove) for interior and exterior use. They can also give painted timber for exterior use. Also the processed timber for flooring industry.
There have been many studies done regarding what is the influence of wood on the interior of house. It was observed that wood is regulating the humidity in houses, absorbing the noise, there is also evidence that wood is antibacterial material.


Modern Woodwork: Thank you Mr. Jyrki Mantere, India is not only looking for Timber from Finland but also expects guidance about technology.
Jyrki Mantere:  We are also here to learn about Indian market. We will be interested in working with Indian importers and processing companies for any information, visit our website: www.woodfromfinland.fi