Mr. Herbert Sonnleitner, Managing Director of Blum India


Blum, the World Leaders in furniture fittings has a long and remarkable presence in India. Mr Herbert Sonnleitner, Managing Director of Blum India, has only recently assumed the responsibility of Blum India Office in Mumbai. We welcome him and hope Blum India will strengthen their presence even more under his leadership. In an exclusive interview conversation with Modern Woodwork, he has expressed his views in detail.


Blum manufactures innovative furniture fittings for the entire living area. We believe in success factors such as innovative products, committed employees and an international presence.
In 2016 Blum India established an office along with a showroom in Mumbai.
Spread-over 2500 square feet in Andheri East – Mumbai, the showroom presents hinges, pull-outs and lift systems and the experience the comfort our fittings bring to your kitchen, bathroom and living space.
A business development team of 10 heads with a back office of 9 members supports customers in India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.
Since 2004 Blum and its longstanding sales partner Häfele fill Indian market with enthusiasm for Blum products.
Managing Director of Blum India, Herbert Sonnleitner, believes in maintaining good relations with customers and promotes a personal exchange of ideas and experiences.



BLUM India Office Reception

1. Modern Woodwork:  Congratulations for heading Blum India and hope you will enjoy the Blum presence in Indian market and also the rich cultural atmosphere in India.Blum offers the latest technologies to the industry, what are specific plans for India. What are your plans to spread the market reach of BLUM in this continent like country?
Mr. Herbert Sonnleitner: Thank you very much – it has been a very interesting journey so far and I am looking forward to working in this country that is full of diversity, culture and promising growth.
With Häfele, our Partner in India, we have created a strong brand presence in the Indian Sub-continent; we are now focusing on increasing our market penetration by establishing a more extensive network which will enable us to reach our customers in every part of the country.We believe in the strength of dialogue.  Therefore by explaining the importance and benefits of functional furniture hardware we will enable a wide satisfied customer base.


2. Modern Woodwork: Blum is the top notch brand in furniture hardware and India is a price sensitive market. What are your perceptions?
Mr. Herbert Sonnleitner: Blum has been in the Indian market for more than 15 years. In this period, we have witnessed a growing change in the mindsets of customers; today people in India are equally conscious of having a good quality functional product and price-sensitivity is being replaced with a strong need for true value-for-money. And this is what we offer – quality functional hardware at an approachable price that will benefit its user maximum.  We have been widely accepted by the market for this proposition, which we know will continue to grow even further.


3. Modern Woodwork: BLUM INDIA’s spacious Office in Mumbai which had a Grand Opening on 27th April, 2017 was also housing showroom at that time. What is response to this facility from the Indian clients?
Mr. Herbert Sonnleitner: The showroom in Andheri East has the largest display of Blum products within the country. It is a great meeting place for architects, designers and carpenters to experience our products, services and concepts. It gives us the opportunity to answer questions concerning our products. We also appreciate the feedback and the new ideas forwarded to us. Above the showroom we have a training center for practical and theoretical trainings for professionals. The amount of visitors and the number of interesting dialogues in our showroom and training center have exceeded our expectation.


Blum India Office Training Room

4. Modern Woodwork:   Do you have any specific plans to offer the training to the professionals for accurate fixing of the Blum hardware? This kind of training is essential for operators so that they can offer top quality modular furniture.
Mr. Herbert Sonnleitner: The importance of accurate fixing is of highest importance to achieve perfect functionality. Therefore, we and our partner offer adequate technical training to professionals. Furthermore, Blum offers a wide range of installation templates and jigs to support the perfect installation in the factory or on site. Free of charge installation training is offered.


5. Modern Woodwork: We wish you all the best in India and hope you will enjoy your stay. We at Modern Woodwork assure our support & cooperation, as always, to BLUM INDIA.
Mr. Herbert Sonnleitner: Thank you very much. I look forward to your support.