It’s happening once again. Getting proven once again, that JAI is the biggest and most happening brand in India… as it is introducing the latest, the best and most premium range of machinery for you.


The Indian Panel Processing industry has now matured and a lot of manufacturers of panel based products prefer buying, installing and working only on world-class machinery. Jai-Modula has been providing such precision machineries for long now; but the top ranking industries of the field pursued Jai Industries to push the boundaries even further and come up with a range that is exactly at par with reputed global brands! So, here it is… Globally compatible “Optimus” from JAI.


Jai Industries is launching “Optimus” range at Delhi Wood 2019 trade-show. It is an opportunity to see “Optimus” machines in action, get all your queries answered by experts and gauge the possibilities of benefits and profits you can ensure by enlisting them in your service. Rest assured, there will be expansion of range soon to fully cater to the developing panel process industry.


“Optimus” is a brand new range of machinery that redefines Panel-Process technology for Indian industry. Jai Industries has once again expanded its sphere of technological know-how and engineering expertise to provide truly global brand machinery, with the famous JAI brand sales-service-spares’ local-support and personalized guidance that not many global brands can provide you!


Spirit of Excellence, in whatever we do, has been a motto of Jai Industries for all these 5 decades of our existence. Creating value for money, is what we do – even if it’s a premium machinery range like “Optimus”. Compared with similar machines of global brands, an Optimus machine has more to offer you from various aspects like quality, technology, features, precision, ease of operation, pricing and nationwide all-round support.


Presently “Optimus” range has 5 most required machines in any industry that is aiming for constantly high performance in Industrial continuous productions,  highly automized for maximum operating comfort, high precision for perfect results. Take your pick from these:


opticut-3-2-auto-beam-sawOptiCut 3.2 (auto) – Beam Saw
The incredible panel cutting machine for high production units. OptiCut Beam Saw has variable carrier speed, adjustable from slow to very high speed conversion. Combined with impressively high cutting thickness, it works well adjusting to your specific needs. Operational stability and service life of the machine is incredible.



optisaw-3-2-auto-panel-sawOptiSaw 3.2 (auto) – Panel Saw
The definitive Panel Saw performance, in a Euro standard engineering package; designed to maximize the precision, production and ease of operation. Equipped with heavy duty precision sliding table, smooth running and powerful saw unit, motorized ripfence (with accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm), sturdy frame with telescopic cross-cut fence and many such valuable features.



optiedge-6-5-high-speed-auto-edge-banderOptiEdge 6.5 – High Speed Auto Edge Bander
If you are aiming to optimize the productivity significantly, this is the Edge Bander you should go for! Precision, Perfect finish, stability and utility of OptiEdge is beyond compare with any other machine in the market. A complete package of excellence with great ease of operation; it has all the features that you wish in an Edge Bander… and some more.



optidrill-2-3-three-head-boringOptiDrill 2.3 – Three Head Boring
Offering multi-operational boring functions with flexibility and high productivity. Precision boring with pre-destined positioning and sizing is a crucial component of any panel product or furniture unit. OptiDrill is like your master key, that will handle all the boring operations you may need with complete precision.



optibore-cnc-boring-and-routingOptiBore – CNC Boring and Routing
For those who need computerized control over their boring operations, with an added advantage of routing facility. OptiBore is designed to give you multisided boring & routing. Its digital control system offers unimaginable control and efficiency over job handling at all levels, with continuous processing workability.