Wood Coatings


Stemming from the Latin world for “life”- Avita strives to work with innovative diligence to make the differences in cultivating the everyday experience.
img_20180929_1254413733The evolution of furniture fittings, hardware, architectural ironmongery and wood coatings are embodied by the details that extend beyond the surface. With a product range that combines industry leading quality with cutting-edge technology, end users can now recognize the value of the perfect foundation to their furniture.Avita UK brings elegant innovation to each space, thriving as a precision solution for enhancing comfort in the day-to-day background.
Inspired by the nature of our inherent human capacity to push beyond the norms of the status quo.Motivated by the comforts demanded for the 21st century lifestyle. Executed by industry veteran with superior product quality and logistical support in mind.Reaffirmed through product reviews and recommendations.
Avita UK Wood Coatings understands that the preservation of wood is a preservation of its nostalgia. The warm, welcoming feeling from a decorative unit that can last generations, to a utility article’s protection, Avita UK Wood Coatings breathes life into the wooden objects so often considered inanimate.



B2B internet platform for Furniture

DOZOLION is a B2B internet platform which provides custom-made furnishing service for design users all over the world. We come from Lecong, China, the manufacturing and trading center of furnishing products in the world.
DOZOLION focus on home decoration and general furnishing merchandises, we provide and sell custom-made furniture, building materials, accessories, general merchandise.
DOZOLION has its own design and ERP system, and also has rich excellent design cases from all over the world, we can provide with different solutions to meet different life scenarios for designers and project developers. Please send us your ideas or your design solutions, we offer you a free quotation, and provide design, production, logistics and insurance services.
Our advanced manufacturing supply chain and professional service team will realize your creativity and business plan.



The Indian handicrafts sector

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The Indian handicrafts sector is a tribute to our rich and diverse culture and heritage. This highly creative, labour intensive, decentralized and largely fragmented, cottage sector is spread all over the country. It is a major source of income for rural communities, with most of the manufacturing units located in rural areas and small towns, employing millions of artisans, including a large number of women and people belonging to the weaker sections of society.
There has been consistent growth over the years and the Indian handicrafts sector has evolved as one of the major contributors to export and foreign currency earnings. India produces a large variety of value added products in home, lifestyle, fashion & textiles segments. Today, Indian handcrafted products are the pride of some of the best of homes across the globe.
There is encouraging growth potential for the Indian handicraft products, both in the national and international markets. However, to harness and match the nascent demand, supply of quality innovation products is essential. There is continued need for overall development including, skill development, capacity enhancement, design intervention, technological advancement, better market access, guidance as well as promotion – a role EPCH as the apex, national nodal body has been ably fulfilling. EPCH has been the torch bearer and guiding light for the growth and development of the sector over the last three decades.
Through its journey of over 31 years, EPCH has created necessary infrastructure as well as marketing and information facilities, which are availed both by the member exporters and overseas importers. The Council provides comprehensive information about the sector to international buyers and ensure optimal interface between the Indian handicrafts sector and international buyers, to facilitate conductive business.
Among its regular activities, EPCH organizes fairs, buyers-seller meets, conferences and study tours overseas to explore market opportunities. The Council also conducts seminars and undertakes design & technical workshops for creating awareness and towards further upliftment of the sector.
Today, with over 10,000 member exporters, EPCH has successfully positioned India as a sourcing destination for the best in handcrafted gifts, fashion & lifestyle products. EPCH is recognised as a model organization for its continuous pursuit of excellence.
With its Headquarters in New Delhi, EPCH has Regional / Representative Offices at Kolkata, Bangalore, Moradabad, Mumbai, Guwahati, Narsapur, Jaipur; Extension Counter at Agra and Common Facility Centers at Jodhpur and Saharanpur.



Machines, furniture and textile

The PRESMAK, which has been founded in 1987 by Mustafa Cetinkaya, has been placed amongst the leading companies of Turkey with its successful past and it carries on with the vision of being the leader in the sectors that it has its activities in.
The Presmak Group, active in three core businesses including industry machines, furniture and textile. The Group owes its success to a management approach centered on customer satisfaction and efficiency. The Presmak Group serves its customers with advanced technologies, highest brand quality and a dynamic technical team. The group continues to build strong partnerships with reputable brands, and represent Turkey across the world.
As a pioneer of change in Turkey, the Group capitalizes on its broad network of services, knowledge base and collaborations to attain its goals. The Group, driven by its vision of becoming a global player that sets the standards and advances through explorations, continues to consider the partnership and investment opportunities that might be beneficial for the sector.



Plywood components for office, home and furniture

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Since 1983 SedilCurvi has been producing plywood components for office, home and contract furnishing sectors. Besides the traditional beech veneer the company has developed a wide range of articles using innovative materials such as reconstituted veneers, natural veneers and plastic laminates in a large and varied choice of finishes.
SedilCurvi, along with all the standard models proposed in this catalogue, produces also exclusive items made on customers design. The company has secured over the years valuable and unique collaborations gaining the trust of leading companies and important names in the market of furniture and design.
The company is undertaking a policy of sensitivity to the issues of environmental protection by ensuring the use of glues with law formaldehyde content (class E1) and providing, on request, for most of its products the FSC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council) and the use of glues without formaldehyde (class EO).
The use of high-tech machinery and the high competence and professionalism of the operation allow the company to internally mange the full production cycle; starting with the selection and the preparation of raw material, continuing with the molding and the shaping of the semi-finished articles, ending with the application of metal screws or fixing ply pads. In this way SedilCurvi is able to ensure flexibility during the production process and a high quality level of the finished products.
SedilCurvi avails itself of the collaboration of external qualified companies for painting and upholstering the products.



Knobs, handles, hooks and accessories for furniture

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“Our products represent the passion for home décor and aunique expression of Italian design. The quality of our knobs, handles, hooks and accessories for furniture is the result of our effort in fulfilling our customer’ needs”
SEVENITALIA has a thirty –year experience in the production of handles and knobs for furniture. The complete collection is realized in both classic and modern finishes that are suitable for any style of environment. The range of materials goes from plastic to INOX steel so that we can fulfill different needs and styles. This is a key point to Seven Italia’s Success on the International market.
Each piece of the collection is created with the same concept: passion for details. Our design team is committed in developing products that are functional and easy to use, maintaining a combination of care, elegant design and innovative finishes.
The idea behind our hook collection is that it is much more than just a functional element. This concept finds its realization in complements that are the perfect combination of simple lines and innovative design and are suitable for any environment.



Tea Tree & Co
Boutique interior design studio

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Tea Tree & Co is a boutique interior design studio. Our product offering consists of silk flowers, luxury 100% organic cotton bed linen, accessories, home furniture and décor, contemporary and modern artwork and gifts. Our showroom functions as both a retail destination and an interactive showcase of all our ranges.
To customize spaces that will make a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of our clients’ guests and families. We boast a combined 25 years of experience in interior design, business development and implementation of strategic business plans to increase efficiencies.
Our luxury silk flowers are most realistic and lifelike. Our bespoke, signature arrangements in crystal vases and French style silverware!
Our vibrant and elegant silk flowers arrangements enhance both domestic and office spaces, large or small. Refreshed monthly, the latest in floral design trends will be delivered to your home or office. They are maintenance-free and extremely cost-effective.
Our linens are made from only 100 per cent organic cotton, because organic cotton fibers consistently produce better quality yarns than conventional cotton. As no harsh chemicals are used in growing or processing organic textiles, the cotton retains its softness and purity. Organic cotton lines are completely free to toxins.
Responsibly and ethically manufactured in South Africa with 100% organic cotton (certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard), our linen can help you reduce your ecological footprint without sacrificing comforts style or quality.
Michelle who has lived in various African countries and in Europe says her work, which is primarily the result of a need to paint and not always a need to convey a message, has evolved to become Michessie art by design… a combination of art and interior design, just of the mainstream.



img_20180929_1254334053WORLDWIDE FORMATIONS
Prime free zones in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubaiand Sharjah


You have come to the right source. Worldwide Formations is the Trusted Advisor for Company Formations to clients from more than 90 different countries. Our focus is primarily on Company
Centrally located in the heart of Dubai at the Fairmont Dubai, we have been in the field of company formations for almost 15 years. We believe that nobody is as specialized as Worlwide Formations in Free Zone and Offshore Company Formations in UAE.
In addition to our clients, the Free Zones trust us. Worldwide Formations is privileged to be appointed as Official Registered Agents for most prime free zones in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.
The first step is always the hardest. Most entrepreneurs forego on their dreams even before giving them a chance. We understand Company Formation is not easy as it is made out to be. There are so many factors to be considered than just the cost. Starting with deciding on the right free zone that suits your business, the type of License, opening bank accounts, drafting legal documents, or even just waiting for your token number to be called in the Chamber of Commerce or Free Zone offices etc. can be a daunting prospect.