LWorld-wide attendance to the drilling-themed SCM open house event. A preview of the new exclusive range of morbidelli’s top-performing CN drilling solutions, with higher finishing quality, precision and productivity
A resounding success, with hundreds of visitors from all over the world: the latest products by Scm were met with great interest and appreciation. The open-house event “Drilling is no longer boring”, organised from 18 to 20 October in the Technology Center of the Scm Headquarters of Rimini to present a preview of the new morbidelli NC drilling machinery, showcased the excellent teamwork of the SCM designers, technicians and specialists who accepted this new high-tech challenge.


The event was an opportunity to discover first-hand the new generation of the morbidelli cx220 and cx210 machines, the world-leading compact CN drilling solutions, and the new morbidelli ux200d, a more complete and flexible CN drilling solution, all offered in an effort to meet the growing needs for customised and integrated production, that is, granting producers the possibility of satisfying any given customer’s special requirements without giving up on the benefits of industrial production.


The SCM drilling revolution is in clear evidence in the new generation of morbidelliux machines, with their new exclusive functions offered in the entire series, and in the now-to-be-launched morbidelli ux200d machine with its greater performance machining both small and large panels. A noteworthy feature in the morbidelli ux200d is the new exclusive dowelling system with dual variable-axis broaches that can be adjusted according to the distance between holes.


“You will never work alone” is the concept of the Open House to take place at the SCM Technology Center in Rimini, from January 31st to February 2nd.