Deutsche Messeexpands to Iran:
– LIGNA organizer opens door to Iranian markets
– New cooperation with Iranian furniture industry association


Hanover/Tehran. Deutsche Messe brings its wood working industry expertise to Iran. MEDEX – the international trade fair for wood working and wood processing, materials, accessories, furniture and laminate flooring – will have its premiere event presented at the Permanent Fair Ground in Tehran from July10th to 13th 2018 in partnership with Deutsche Messe. Deutsche Messe’s partner for the event is the Iran Furniture Manufacturers & Exporters Association (IFA) – which also includes importers of furniture production machines along with the requisite raw materials and accessories. “We see great business potential for this international cluster fair, with its market-oriented topic portfolio taking place in the early part of the Persian calendar year,” said Christian Pfeiffer, Global Director of LIGNA and Woodworking Events at Hannover-based Deutsche Messe.